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Main classification of food packaging machinery

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Chinese packaging machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises should seize this opportunity
the comprehensive upgrading of packaging machinery and equipment is the general trend of the development of packaging machinery in China and even the world. The main characteristics of upgrading are: a large number of modern high-precision technologies, electronic technologies, microelectronic technologies, edge technologies and fuzzy technologies in civil and military industries are transplanted and adopted to accelerate and further improve the reliability, safety, unmanned operation and other automation levels of packaging machinery and equipment and production lines. Intellectualization will enter the whole field of packaging machinery equipment and production line
in today’s world, Japan is the leader in the upgrading of packaging machinery, equipment and production lines, and has earned a lot of dollars in this field. The four little dragons in Southeast Asia have followed Japan’s lead and have been careless in the manufacturing of packaging machinery and equipment and production lines; In the European community, Italy’s packaging machinery and equipment and production lines are updated much faster than other member states
the way of upgrading is to replace local parts, components or key components and key technologies, so as to achieve the purpose of replacing a unit and update the production capacity, performance, efficiency, model and assembly mode of the original packaging machinery and equipment or production line. In this way, most components and unit parts can be reused, which not only improves the value of equipment, but also saves raw materials and a lot of labor, and reduces the cost. This development trend shows that packaging machinery and equipment and production lines are increasingly developing towards the mode of standardization, serialization, integration, assembly and on-line. Civil and military high technology will also enter the whole field of packaging machinery and equipment more and more widely. Fierce market competition will undoubtedly accelerate the upgrading and technological transformation of packaging machinery and equipment in all walks of life. Packaging machinery and equipment, production line manufacturing groups and multinational corporations in many countries in the world are investing huge funds and organizing professionals to carry out development and research, and strive to accelerate the process of electromechanical integration of packaging machinery and equipment. The key contents of its development and research can be summarized as follows:
1. Develop the models of energy-saving (water, electricity, oil, steam, etc.) and resource-saving (raw materials, auxiliary materials, etc.) consumption indicators, as well as the models of waste recycling
2. Develop models with low energy consumption, high output power, good dynamic stability, low voice and low pollution
3. Develop multi shape packaging machine, which can carry out multi-functional packaging for square, rectangular, circular, elliptical, triangular, pillow, strip, and odd shapes
4. Develop multi material packaging machine (filling machine, filling machine), which can carry out multi-functional packaging for liquid, semi fluid, viscous, slurry and solid particles, granules, powders, flakes, blocks, strips and odd shapes
5. Develop multi-functional machines for packaging, filling, filling and packaging of a variety of substrate bags, which can operate the multi-functional packaging of paper, plastic, aluminum foil, composite materials and other substrates
6. Develop a multi base material bag making machine, which can process and manufacture single multi-layer paper bags and plastic film bags, aluminum foil composite bags and paper plastic composite bags
7. Develop a variety of resin molding machines, a variety of resin extruders, a variety of film blowing machines, and a variety of multifunctional machines for resin salivation
8. Develop production lines that reduce self weight, reduce occupied space, compact structure, convenient installation and replacement, less maintenance, no (less) fault operation, and on-line rapid repair and non-stop repair
9. Develop multi range weighing machines from gram to kilogram and from kilogram to tens of kilogram (replace the weighing and hopper). In addition to improving the mechanical and electronic sensing weighing, develop non-interference optical sensors to ensure the weighing accuracy of materials
the development of paper, plastic, coating, printing and other equipment is also the demand of the development of packaging machinery industry
1. Develop a variety of corrugated corrugated units and production lines, which can produce type A, type B, type C and type E corrugated board production lines under the condition of rapid replacement of butt swing rollers
2. Develop a variety of resin two-way stretching units and production lines, mainly replace the extrusion rod, expand the coarse adjustment range of the die lip, and design relevant mechanical devices such as length diameter ratio and two-way stretching ratio according to the performance of various resins
3. Develop a variety of coaters, which can be used not only for scraper coating, but also for air knife coating and metering coating. At the same time, it can be used for different coatings of various coatings, and the coating thickness can be fine adjusted
4. Develop a multi-functional printing machine, which can be used for offset printing, gravure printing and aniline printing (flexographic printing). It can not only print paper, but also print plastic film, composite plastics, composite materials, aluminum foil (including vacuum aluminizing) and other packaging and decoration materials

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