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Main deeds of Shen Yong

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there are many years away from home, and working in different places depends on hard work. It’s rare to return home to start a business today
Comrade Shen Yong, national entrepreneurship star and chairman of Anhui Bense Printing Co., Ltd., is a model of successful entrepreneurs returning home and an entrepreneur with a sense of social responsibility
in February 2003, inspired by the enthusiasm of the Yingquan district government of Fuyang for attracting investment, and driven by the local conditions of investing, building and developing Fuyang, Comrade Shen Yong returned to his hometown from Wenzhou, Zhejiang for investment. In August of the same year, he organized the laid-off and unemployed to establish a private enterprise Anhui Bense Printing Co., Ltd. With the quality concept of “99 + 1 = 0”, the business philosophy of “being a man, doing things and being a honest enterprise”, the management philosophy of “customer is God, employee is God and supplier is God”, he is committed to modern packaging and printing services, and tries his best to build a natural brand under the guidance of the enterprise spirit of “pursuing excellence, pursuing perfection, sincere cooperation and innovative development”. After five years of hard work, Anhui natural color printing has become the largest high-quality color printing and packaging production base in Northwest Anhui. Fuyang people were pleasantly surprised to see that “in the past, color printing went out of town, but now it is fine printing to its original color”
the company takes science and technology as the guide, changes the development concept, innovates the development mode and improves the development quality. According to the business idea of “market segmentation, production specialization, product differentiation and personalized operation”, nearly 10 million yuan has been invested in technological transformation and technological innovation. It has successively introduced German six-color folio Heidelberg printing machine, German four-color five-color Heidelberg printing machine, seven color computer gravure printing machine, screen printing and anti-counterfeiting trademark printing production lines. Through introduction, absorption and transformation, it has formed high-grade high-quality color printing, anti-counterfeiting trademark The three-dimensional and specialized printing technology not only improves the competitiveness of enterprises, but also greatly enhances the added value of liquor products
SHEN Yong, chairman and general manager of Bense Printing Co., Ltd., firmly remembers the concept that “management and innovation are the eternal theme of enterprise development”, firmly adheres to the fundamental management of the enterprise, constantly improves, innovates according to the actual situation, and forms the basic management principle of “reasonable management, moderate management, reasonable management and strict management” of the company. In terms of specific management, Starting with “establishing systems, clarifying procedures, quantitative standards, openness and fairness”, and in accordance with relevant laws and policies, Bense Printing Co., Ltd. has successively formulated and issued the employee code, which defines the company’s “employment principle”, “market-oriented distribution principle of employee income”, “employee welfare principle”, “labor discipline regulations and assessment principle” “Production site management – 5S activity assessment rules” and other systems, procedures and assessment standards. This is the natural color printing. According to its own actual situation, it designs a set of management system in line with the actual situation of the enterprise, combines these daily and repetitive management work with standardization, institutionalization and procedure, professional management and system management, and establishes a full-time management assessment office and an assessment leading group composed of professionals. Carry out process control on the implementation of rules and regulations and procedure documents, so as to achieve effective incentive effect. System manager, procedure guide, reward and punishment incentive. In the process of performance appraisal, we should not treat things as people, praise and reward those who have made outstanding achievements, and criticize, educate and punish those who violate the system and procedures. Reward and punishment should be clear, timely fulfilled, fair, just and open, and truly achieve scientific, orderly, effective and harmonious management
under the influence of chairman Shen Yong’s personality charm, the company has a number of enterprise management and printing technical talents. After five years of guidance and training, the company has forged a capable management team and excellent staff team. From the initial stage of the company’s entrepreneurship to now, the management team of the company does not care much about the remuneration, including the income and profit of the company. What everyone pursues is to seriously do everything well, starting from small things, doing everything in place from details, starting from themselves and starting from the beginning. The company has a harmonious atmosphere and a team spirit of dedication and love for work. We work together, have the same understanding of values, have a common vision for the future, devote ourselves to the post work, and are full of passion to do a good job in the company and the belief that we can make the natural color printing brush into a brand printing enterprise in Northwest Anhui. Natural color printing always adheres to the pursuit of perfection of product quality, always pursues the sincere quality policy to customers, produces in strict accordance with the requirements of ISO9000-2000 international quality management system, and creates a “highway” of natural color printing and packaging in accordance with the service tenet of “harmony, professionalism and efficiency”. The company provides high-quality packaging for many famous enterprises such as Anhui golden seed group and Anhui Shuanglun group. Natural color printing fills the gap that Fuyang has not had high-grade high-quality color printing packaging for many years with high-grade high-quality color printing packaging, anti-counterfeiting printing technology and combined three-dimensional printing technology. At the same time, it also promoted the pace of economic and industrial commercialization development in Fuyang
as the vice president of Fuyang Printing Association, Shen Yong not only strives to make natural color printing into a brand printing enterprise, but also enthusiastically pays attention to the development prospect of Fuyang printing industry
in June 2005, at the first Fuyang bank enterprise integrity forum, He made a speech on “Fuyang printing and packaging industry is a supporting industry for Fuyang to promote investment promotion projects. Government departments should pay attention to the development status of Fuyang printing industry, pay attention to it in concept, be positive in attitude and implement it in action, and create a good development environment and policy support for Fuyang printing industry while Fuyang economy rises, so as to promote the rapid development of Fuyang economy”. It was highly praised
in September 2005, at the first Fuyang local enterprise investment environment and development strategy forum, he gave a speech on the strategy of building Fuyang into an important printing and packaging base in Northwest Anhui, which was highly recognized by the participants
in April 2006, he proposed in writing to Yingquan district government and the district CPPCC, “the idea of establishing a” printing and packaging trade street “in Northwest Anhui trade city and a” printing and packaging Industrial Park “in Fuyang Industrial Park, Anhui Province”
at the first Fuyang industrial economy brand development strategy forum in May 2008, his article on brand strategy was affirmed by Mr. Cheng Yiyi, a famous economist and President of Anhui De
velopment Strategy Research Association
all these show the valuable spirit of chairman Shen Yong’s advice and suggestions on the economic rise of Fuyang
chairman Shen Yong is diligent, studious and good at summarizing. His papers such as “four basic principles of enterprise management”, “Fuyang printing has great potential to tap”, “5S” management at the production site of printing enterprises “,” my opinion on nature “,” management and innovation are the eternal theme of enterprise development “were published in China Printing Manager Magazine, entrepreneur reference newspaper, Fuyang daily, Fuyang radio and television newspaper and other newspapers, It has been highly praised by people in the industry
Comrade Shen Yong said: the reason why natural color printing has not been successful is that we have not suffered enough. To be an enterprise, we should have a broad vision and an “empty cup mentality”. While developing the enterprise, we should also take into account social responsibility before we can call it an entrepreneur. Chairman Shen Yong, who is loyal to his chosen career, is a kind of people who devote themselves to work wholeheartedly and tirelessly. It is chairman Shen Yong’s attitude of “being a man first and then doing things; being a low-key man and doing things with a high profile; being an honest man and doing things with a down-to-earth attitude; being honest with the society, customers, employees and suppliers”, and putting the cause first. Only with his personal character can the natural color printing company have today’s business scale and market competitiveness, enterprise harmony and employee harmony, The company is a promising emerging enterprise with development potential. Chairman Shen Yong is an excellent entrepreneur with a sense of social responsibility. Excerpt from the red child of the Republic [Shen Yong’s life song ambition], p223

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