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Manufacturer of packaging box design and processing

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Our factory wants to design customized food packaging bags and boxes ~ want to ask the price ~ how many can be produced and processed? Who knows, tell me. thank you!

Hello! If the product requirements are relatively strict, I suggest the landlord go to Xinya Shangpin. The layout of their packaging box design is very good, and the effect is very good after they are put into production. I have contacted them before, and there are packages for packaging box production and design.

our factory makes high-quality boxes. The initial order is usually 1000. It can be regarded as a general situation.
what kind of boxes you want to process depends on the specific situation. The minimum order of small factories is low.
if the name of existing boxes is changed, hundreds of boxes can also be made

it’s best to search Alibaba. There are many manufacturers. Moreover, Alibaba’s website has been operating for many years and has a good reputation. Of course, you can also search some manufacturers in Baidu for relevant comparison.

what kind of food is it

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