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Mechanical classification mechanical equipment classification

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To be more detailed, it’s best to have a complete collection of mechanical classification

main categories of mechanical products

there are many kinds of mechanical equipment. When mechanical equipment is running, some of its components and even itself can carry out different forms of mechanical movement. Mechanical equipment consists of driving device, speed change device, transmission device, working device, braking device, protective device, lubrication system, cooling system, etc

the main products of the machinery industry include the following 12 categories:

(1) agricultural machinery: tractors, planters, harvesting machinery, etc

(2) heavy mining machinery: metallurgical machinery, mining machinery, hoisting machinery, loading and unloading machinery, industrial and mining vehicles, cement equipment, etc

(3) construction machinery: forklift, shovel transport machinery, compaction machinery, concrete machinery, etc

(4) Petrochemical General machinery: petroleum drilling and production machinery, oil refining machinery, chemical machinery, pumps, fans, valves, gas compressors, refrigeration and air conditioning machinery, papermaking machinery, printing machinery, plastic processing machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, etc

(5) electrical machinery: power generation machinery, transformers, motors, high and low voltage switches, wires and cables, batteries, electric welding machines, household appliances, etc

(6) machine tools: metal cutting machine tools, forging machinery, casting machinery, woodworking machinery, etc

(7) cars: trucks, road buses, cars, modified cars, motorcycles, etc

(8) instruments and meters: automation instruments, electrical instruments and meters, optical instruments, composition analyzers, automotive instruments and meters, electrical materials equipment, audio-visual education equipment, cameras, etc

(9) basic machinery: bearings, hydraulic parts, seals, powder metallurgy products, standard fasteners, industrial chains, gears, molds, etc

(10) packaging machinery: packaging machine, packing machine, conveyor, etc

(11) environmental protection machinery: water pollution prevention and control equipment, air pollution prevention and control equipment, solid waste treatment equipment, etc

(12) other machinery.

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