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Method of project packaging

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Project packaging method
brainstorming method
brainstorming method, also known as collective thinking method or intellectual incentive method, was first proposed by Osborne in 1939 and enriched and theorized in 1953
the so-called brainstorming method refers to the form of meeting, such as gathering experts to hold a symposium to solicit their opinions, organizing the experts’ interpretation of past historical materials and analysis of the future in an orderly manner, and finally the packers make a unified conclusion. On this basis, they find out the crux of various problems and put forward packaging ideas for specific projects
during the meeting of this packaging method, the packer should fully explain the theme of packaging, provide necessary relevant information, and create a free space for experts to fully express their ideas. Therefore, the status of experts participating in the meeting should be equal, so as not to produce authoritative effect, which will affect the creative thinking of other experts. The number of experts should not be too many, but should be as moderate as possible, because if there are too many experts, the packaging cost will increase accordingly. Generally, 5-12 experts are more suitable. Moreover, the time of the meeting should also be moderate. If the time is too long, it is easy to deviate from the theme of the packaging case. If the time is too short, it is difficult for the packer to obtain sufficient information. This packaging method requires packers to have strong organizational ability, democratic style and guiding art, be able to grasp the theme of packaging, adjust the discussion atmosphere and mobilize the excitement of experts, so as to better tap the potential wisdom of experts
the disadvantage of brainstorming method is that the number of experts invited is limited to a certain extent, and improper selection is easy to lead to packaging failure. Secondly, due to the influence of the status and reputation of experts, some experts are afraid or unwilling to express their different views in public. The advantages of this packaging method are: obtain a wide range of information and creativity, inspire each other, brainstorm, and set off a thinking storm in the brain, so as to inspire the thinking of packers and come up with excellent packaging schemes
Delphi method
Delphi method is a special packaging method initiated and used by Rand Corporation in the 1960s. Delphi is a city in ancient Greece. It is famous for the temple of Apollo. Because Apollo has excellent ability to predict the future, Delphi has become synonymous with prediction and packaging
the so-called Delphi method refers to the method of consulting by letter or telephone or network, repeatedly consulting the suggestions of experts, and then the packer makes statistics. If the results do not tend to be consistent, then consult experts again until a more unified scheme is obtained. The advantage of this packaging method is that the experts do not meet each other and can not produce authoritative pressure. Therefore, they can freely and fully express their opinions, so as to obtain a more objective packaging case
when using this packaging method, experts are required to have professional knowledge related to packaging topics, be familiar with market conditions and be proficient in packaging business operations. After the expert’s opinion obtains the result, the packer needs to make statistical treatment on the result. However, this method lacks objective standards and mainly depends on the judgment of experts. Moreover, due to the large number of times and long feedback time, some experts may withdraw halfway due to busy work or other reasons, affecting the accuracy of packaging
brain beating method
brain beating method, also known as creative method, refers to that the packer collects information about products, markets and consumer groups, then comprehensively analyzes and thinks about the materials, and then opens the door of imagination to form an artistic conception, but it will not come up with a packaging case soon. It will suddenly jump out of his mind when the packer is casual
in fact, the brain beat method is not completed in a short time, but after a long period of premise preparation, the thoughts accumulate to a certain extent and naturally reveal. It requires the packer to have certain Packaging skills and profound professional knowledge. Packers should collect the most effective ingredients from all kinds of flowers bit by bit like bees collecting honey. Gorky said: writing is a huge and important cause. It is based on reality. Everything they touch requires truth. It means to adhere to the artistic interest based on truth and carry out centralized generalization and processing of imaginative materials. This centralized generalization psychological process is the process that packaging needs to go through
grey system method
system refers to an organic whole with specific functions composed of two or more interdependent elements. The system can be divided into white, black and gray systems according to the clarity of its information. White system refers to the system in which the information is completely and clearly visible; Black system refers to the system with all unknown information; Grey system is a system between white system and grey system, that is, there are systems with ~ part of information known and ~ part of information unknown, and there are a large number of grey systems between word questions
grey system method refers to using some known behavior results to infer the back cause of behavior or fuzzy uncertainty in the future
intelligent amplification method
intelligent amplification method refers to a comprehensive and scientific understanding of things, and then make exaggerated assumptions about the development of things on the basis of this understanding, and use this assumption to package specific projects
because this method is restricted by certain time, place and cultural conditions, the specific operation depends on the packer’s own accurate grasp
this packaging method is easy to cause public discussion, form the focus of public opinion, and then quickly expand its popularity and form the raw materials for speculation. There is nothing unexpected, only impossible. This is the principle of this packaging method. However, this packaging method is not blindly thinking about the big picture, but reasonably considering the public’s psychological tolerance under the existing objective conditions, that is to say, the intelligent amplification method has certain risks. It is too exaggerated, which is easy to lead to the negative development of packaging, so as to completely change the original intention of packaging

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