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Mobile phone case packaging process

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the general process is as follows:
preparation before production – order receiving – project establishment – confirmation of raw materials – mold test – sample sending to customers for sample signing – trial production – Preliminary Determination of process parameters – confirmation of quality inspection standards – customer confirmation – mass production
specific production process injection molding washing – lower coating input – lower coating spray – IR drying – upper coating input – electrostatic dust removal – upper coating pressing film – IR preheating – UV hardening – self However, leveling — product inspection — packaging and delivery. Some products need to be vacuum coated and then UV coated. In this way, they can be directly vacuum evaporated after the lower coating spray project, and then enter the upper coating project.

the injection molding process of the shell mainly includes the following major steps: baking of raw materials – color mixing – injection molding – trimming, self inspection – FQC inspection – Packaging – warehousing, etc. The control of injection molding process is the key node. The process is shown in the figure below:

after the plastic shell of mobile phone passes the injection molding inspection, it is decided whether to carry out secondary processes (such as common spraying and electroplating) and other coating processes according to the needs of customers to meet the needs of customers for external definition. The spraying process mainly includes paint mixing – mixing – filtering – upper fixture – Cleaning – spraying – lower fixture – silk screen printing – baking – full inspection – packaging, etc. Among them, painting, cleaning and spraying are the key processes in the entire painting process.

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