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the packaging unit can promote the sale of goods. The so-called goods sell one skin. Therefore, famous enterprises, especially those producing products related to people’s life, such as food, beverage and cosmetics, all pay great attention to packaging. However, packaging is not omnipotent. What really attracts consumers and enables consumers to recognize the brand for consumption still depends on excellent product quality

some low-grade goods with poor quality may be popular for a while by selling them at a high price with exquisite packaging, but the product life cycle must be very short. Of course, it is not advisable to sell goods of good quality at low prices because of poor packaging. Appropriate packaging is consistent with the grade of the product, that is, the proportion of packaging in the total cost of goods is appropriate

many packaging enterprises reflect that the requirements of packaging users in China are too harsh. It is too much to print a shampoo label in 8 colors and an ice cream bag in 9 colors. It makes sense to think about it

in fact, Chinese packaging has been deeply influenced by Japan and is quite different from Europe and the United States in packaging design. European and American packaging design tends to large color blocks, focusing on visual impact, while Japanese packaging pays attention to detail. It is obviously excessive and useless for a box of cigarettes to press out patterns on the aluminum foil lining

this can also be seen from the way of printing in China. Europe and the United States use flexographic and offset printing, while Japan and China use intaglio printing. In terms of fineness, flexo is still not as good as intaglio, but it should be enough for general commodity packaging

China should formulate packaging guidance documents to tell consumers and manufacturers what kind of goods are suitable for what kind of packaging, or how to define excessive packaging

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