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Printing friends, make-up information, in addition to, bite, cutting line, what else? Can you be more specific? Thank you for your warm-hearted friends.

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In addition to the content, such as cutting line, what color is used for the information of the composition
it’s better to have a sample of the jigsaw puzzle. You can have a look.

find a company to practice and study before printing. You have asked so many basic questions about prepress typesetting, all of which you can’t understand a hundred times after doing it once. No more detailed than actually useful.

in the production of printing plants, it is generally divided into packaging composition and Book composition. The composition information depends on the nature of the printing task and the convenience of printing
typesetting information should include size, bite, cutting line, positioning line, composition method, color separation, color registration, etc. The information to be marked on the assembly document is as follows:
the information required for general packaging and printing: positioning line (for color registration, also known as registration line), printing color code (marked on the plate edge, used to check color separation and color errors in printing, etc.), process marking (marked with process positioning film, it can not be done without process), printing color ladder (used to check the color scale and dot), Component information (it is not necessary to mark the component, but if the two components are very similar and easy to be confused, it is recommended to stick the mouth of the component), dimension (it is recommended to mark), Printing shift number (according to the regulations of the printing factory, it is generally expressed by ABCD. The usage is like this. For example, when printing on the day shift, all four letters are taken, and when the night shift alternates the day shift, the last letter is covered, so that if there is a problem with the printing sheet, you can find out whether it is the day shift or the night shift). Other items such as bar code are added according to the regulations of the printing factory, Generally, the function is to automatically stick the box, set it for scanning, and distinguish printed products or filing
information to be included in general book printing: different from packaging, it is necessary to indicate the copy mode and folding mode, which are used for binding by automatic binding machine. When printing such printed materials as double-sided posters and single pages, the reproduction method should also be indicated. Generally, single-sided leaflets don’t matter
the question of what color to use is vague, but the location line must use the mosaic color. The software can be used directly or customized. However, we must remember that the mosaic color is a saturated collection of all colors. It is not recommended to move by hand. It is better to use the software defined automatic mosaic color
for other labeling information, the color code is to make a field color block one by one with each color used in the document, of course, excluding the color of the cutting line. The ladder ruler is the color code, and the color is from 0 to 100. Generally, one color block is made every 10 steps
for others, just use some in the file
if you have any questions, please contact me and we can learn from each other.

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