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PS how to make the six side diagram of the packing box

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open the PS software first. Then create a new file, copy the finished box to the inside as layer 1

select the side with the rectangular box selection tool, and then press Ctrl + L to edit, perspective, and press shift to deform up

the other face is the same step

after the deformation is completed, adjust the height and width by yourself

then click the background layer, click the gradient tool, and drag it obliquely at one corner of the background with radial gradient, Use the rectangle tool to drag a rectangle in the middle of the background, and use a linear gradient to drag from top to bottom.. Then look at the effect yourself

drag layer 1 to the new place to copy a copy, then flip the copy vertically, deform the side upward, add a mask, and drag it from top to bottom at the position of the copy with a linear gradient

finally, use the brush tool to the side of the box. Smear it, don’t be too thick, then copy this layer, select positive overlay, and adjust the opacity. If the effect is unnatural, you can adjust it by CTRI + M

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