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——Qingdao’s “urban convenience daily” ran the newspaper, printed and distributed it in serious violation of regulations, threatened customers with exposure and put advertisements, and Bi Huade was summoned to buy it with money on suspicion of extortion

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the reporter of “convenient Metropolis Daily” openly beat people. The shocking inside story of the black newspaper. The reporter of “convenient Metropolis Daily” beat people. It’s almost inhuman. Recently, he still sells newspapers publicly in the island city. We want to appeal to the court and give our employees a justice!!! Journalists who speak for the people even fight against the unarmed people’s Congress. Do you run newspapers to beat people? Such newspapers should be despised by the citizens forever!!! Our affair was reported in detail in Legal Daily, but the major media in Qingdao did not dare to report it, The details are as follows:
urban convenience daily falsely reported injuring 9 employees of Sanli group. Source: Legal Daily

the above picture shows the beaten project construction (left) showing his blood clothes to the reporter
Shandong Qingdao Sanli Group Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise. Recently, a dispute between the company and a local media has spread in Qingdao. The cause of the dispute was that the media’s report on the job hopping of a technician of Sanli group caused strong dissatisfaction among the employees of Qingdao zhongdemei water equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as zhongdemei company) subordinate to Sanli group. The fact that an ordinary labor dispute finally developed into a public security case is even more thought-provoking. The reporter of “convenient Metropolis Daily” went so far as to open his hand to the employees of the company, resulting in many people being hospitalized! Zhao Guojun, who graduated from college, signed a 15 year work contract with Sanli group on January 1, 2007. In addition to the provisions on wages, treatment and other terms, the contract specially stipulates that if a technician or a person who knows trade secrets breaches the contract, he shall pay a penalty of 500000 to 1 million yuan to the enterprise, If a general staff member breaches the contract, he shall pay a penalty of 300000 yuan; If the enterprise terminates the labor contract in violation of the agreed period of the labor contract, it shall pay 300000 yuan of liquidated damages to the employee

after the contract was signed, Zhao Guojun was arranged to work in the technical center of the group and soon served as the deputy manager of the engineering design office. Zhao Guojun resigned from the company and wrote to the company a few months later on the grounds that he was sick. Sanli group believed that Zhao Guojun had breached the contract and filed a labor arbitration with Qingdao Chengyang District Labor Dispute Arbitration Commission in December 2007, asking Zhao Guojun to pay 200000 yuan as liquidated damages

the reporter noted that the labor contract signed between Zhao Guojun and Sanli group clearly stipulates the rights and obligations of both parties. Moreover, in addition to this contract, Zhao Guojun also wrote down three annexes such as the application for joining the company, which made it clear that “there is no objection to the terms of the contract”

a report triggered a conflict. The employees of the company were beaten and hospitalized

just the day before the labor arbitration hearing, that is, on January 15 this year, the city convenience daily, a local media in Qingdao, which has just been published for more than half a year, published a report written by a trainee reporter, which caused strong dissatisfaction among the employees of China, Germany and the United States. The title of the report is “not getting paid for overtime, often deducting wages – asking for resignation but being claimed 300000”. According to the report, a Mr. Zhao applied to the Sino German American company in early 2006. Later, because the company often worked overtime and deducted wages for free, Mr. Zhao was dissatisfied with his resignation last year, but was brought to labor arbitration by the Sino German American company and asked him to bear 300000 yuan of liquidated damages. The article also said that Mr. Zhao considered that the treatment provided by the enterprise was good and agreed to sign the contract after several months of probation. However, when signing the labor contract, the enterprise did not let him read the text of the contract, and he did not know the content of the contract. The article indicates that the labor arbitration department has scheduled to arbitrate the labor dispute on the 16th

manager Shi of the human resources department of Sino German American company told reporters that on January 16, the company’s leaders were shocked when they saw the report and immediately checked the employee files. They did not find that Mr. Zhao and his Labor Department wanted arbitration and other matters. The company believed that the report of “urban convenience daily” was seriously untrue, and immediately sent three leaders to the newspaper with evidence, hoping that the newspaper could carefully verify and correct it, so as to eliminate the adverse impact on the company. But the newspaper has been perfunctory, neither admitting that the report is untrue nor agreeing to an investigation. The staff of Sino German American company believed that the trainee reporter did not interview their enterprise. The report only listened to the so-called one-sided words of Mr. Zhao. The content was seriously untrue and caused serious damage to the reputation of the company, so they spontaneously organized to go to the newspaper to find out. Therefore, in the afternoon of January 18 and 19 this year, several employees went to the newspaper to ask for an explanation. As a result, there was a conflict in the newspaper hospital, several employees were injured, and six of them were seriously hospitalized. According to the reporter, before the conflict, the company’s employees reported the matter to the municipal government hotline, but did not attract attention. When the conflict occurred, some employees called 110 to call the police

How can ordinary labor disputes develop into public security cases

after receiving complaints from the families of the injured, the reporter rushed to Qingdao on the 22nd for investigation

the reporter first came to the hospital and interviewed six employees of Sino German American company who were injured and hospitalized. Seeing the reporter, the injured employee was extremely excited and burst into tears. The reporter found that although a few days have passed, the eyes of a young man named Xu Guangrong are still congested, red and swollen. Another employee named Cheng Jianjian had a long wound on his head. They said the other party used sticks and spring whips. They also said that they had been hospitalized for several days and no one from the other party had visited them
at a street newspaper stall in Qingdao, the reporter bought a copy of “urban convenience daily”. The reporter noted that the words “in charge of hosting the Shandong Tertiary Industry Development Promotion Association” were printed below the front of the newspaper

in order to understand the situation of this conflict, the reporter came to the Publicity Office of Qingdao Public Security Bureau for an interview. Director Zhang of the publicity department told reporters that he would contact reporters after knowing the situation. On the afternoon of February 2, the Publicity Department of Qingdao public security bureau sent a briefing on the handling of the case to the reporter. It was reported that at about 13:30 on January 19, many people rushed out of the newspaper office building with wooden sticks and iron sticks, wounding nine people who entered the newspaper hospital. Badaguan police station immediately organized the police to send the injured to 401 hospital for treatment. After preliminary diagnosis, six of them were injured in the head (three were seriously injured, but none of them were life-threatening), one was injured in the abdomen Two people were injured in their arms (all employees of Sanli company after investigation). The leaders on duty of Shinan
branch organized more than 40 police to rush to the scene. The public security organ summoned six newspaper employees and four Sanli employees suspected of beating others to the public security organ for investigation.

as a colleague of sun Jibin and a journalist, I feel extremely angry at sun Jibin’s behavior! In the past two years, the Taizhou traffic police attacked the Taizhou evening news, which exposed the charging problem of electric bicycle licensing, and dragged out a sick deputy editor of the Taizhou evening news. The Lanzhou underworld forces attacked the Gansu Youth Daily and forced the exposed female reporter to kneel down and apologize… The public opinion supervision power of the news media has been seriously provoked, and the news justice is constantly violated by evil forces, As news colleagues, the news media should work together to shoulder the heavy responsibility of “carrying morality and morality on an iron shoulder”, instead of reversing black and white and attacking news peers by listening to the one-sided words of Sanli group like sun Jibin. As a media practitioner, I believe that Comrade Sun Jibin should have consulted a lot of information. In January 2005, Hu Xiaoqiong, a reporter of China Business Morning Post, reported that Sanli group “paid 8000 ‘commitment money’ before going to work”. In October 2005, Zhang Jianhua, a reporter of Qingdao Morning Post, reported that Sanli group “didn’t earn a penny in three months after graduation and Internship”. In 2007, Sanli group has beaten TV reporters and smashed TV cameras worth more than 100000 yuan. On the Internet, there are countless personal experiences and posts denouncing Sanli from the victims who have been trapped by Sanli recruitment trap. Hasn’t Comrade Sun Jibin seen it at all? If he didn’t see it, Comrade Sun Jibin’s sense of news responsibility is really too poor. If he found these materials, it’s unclear whether this report on “improper handling of labor disputes may lead to” people to punishment “paid news, and whether sun Jibin received black money from Qingdao Sanli.

alas, the world has turned black and white, and the media has become a tool for making money and the best cover, but people’s cover is in place, which is deeply believed by our citizens. What a clever move!

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