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Standard for labeling machinery

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according to the revised (1999) labeling machinery standard QB /T 2570-2002 issued by the former Ministry of light industry, relevant terms are specified instead of QB /T 3688-199
the technical performance indicators of three labels and four labels are added:
the service performance indicators of the original standard are improved
definitions of positive mark, labeling rate, loss rate and positive mark rate are added
the product reliability index is improved
the following is the explanation of the related predicate:
positive label
when the label is pasted on the packaging container, the deviation between the center line of the label and its theoretical position is within the specified range, which is called positive label. If there are multiple labels on the same packaging container, the deviation from the theoretical position shall be calculated according to the above definition, which shall be within the specified range. Labeling rate is the percentage between the number of packaging containers labeled and the total number of packaging containers inspected according to the labeling requirements (single label or multiple labels). Label loss rate the percentage of the number of labels damaged by the labeling machine and the total number of labels consumed when labeling the inspected packaging container. Positive marking rate in the inspected packaging containers, the percentage between the number of positive marking packaging containers and the total number of inspected packaging containers

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