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Test method for tightness of plastic packaging bags?

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in the process of bag production, due to the influence of many factors, there may be leakage and puncture during sealing, or cracks and micropores of the material itself, forming small holes connected inside and outside. These will have a very adverse impact on the contents of packaging, especially in food, pharmaceutical packaging, daily chemical and other industries. The tightness will directly affect the quality of products. Poor sealing is the main cause of leakage and corruption in the future. Among them, the packing of organ bag, especially the fourth layer, is most prone to leakage. See Table 1 for relevant standards of tightness test (using equipment: Mingwei test tightness tester):
Table 1 relevant standards of tightness test
standard number Standard name Sample type test method Test conditions

astmd3078-1994 Standard Test Method for detecting leakage of flexible packaging
package Visual inspection of bubbles and staining Maintain 30s under vacuum of 17kpa, 24kpa, 51kpa and 91kpa
JIS z0382-1981 Test method for sealed flexible packaging Package Visual inspection of bubbles and staining Maintain 30-60s under vacuum of 0.98kpa

GB /T 15171-1994 Test method for sealing performance of soft packaging parts Soft package Visual inspection of bubbles and staining The specific methods of sealing test are different, and GB /T 15171-1994 standard is commonly used in domestic production practice
1. This method is usually used to test the air permeability of the composite bag. The method is as follows: pour the test liquid (colored aqueous solution with obvious color difference with the filter paper) into the wiped test sample bag, place the bag flat on the filter paper after sealing, observe whether there is test liquid leakage on the filter paper after 5min, and then turn the bag over to test the other side
2. Water decompression method (vacuum method)
this method also includes vacuum pump method and vacuum generator method, which is usually used to test composite bags with high air content
(1) The vacuum pump method
test device is mainly composed of transparent pressure vessel, sample rack and vacuum system (vacuum pump, vacuum meter, etc.). This method has the following disadvantages: the vacuum formation time is long and unstable; Poor sealing performance; The pressure is a pointer display with low accuracy. Therefore, it has now been phased out
(2) Vacuum generator method (using equipment: Mingwei test mfy-01 sealing tester)
this method is widely used in the flexible packaging industry. It uses the jet principle, positive pressure changes to negative pressure to form a stable air source, high-precision electronic pressure sensor displays the vacuum degree in the test container in real time, microcomputer automatic control, test parameters (vacuum degree and holding time) can be set at will, and the time required to achieve vacuum is short, The vacuum is stable and the sealing performance is good
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since it’s common sense, I’ll tell you a little about life. Put a basin of water, completely submerge the packing bag, gently press it with your hand to see if there are bubbles~

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