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Tetra Pak packaged drinks or plastic bottles

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The unified beverage has both Tetra Pak packaging and plastic bottle packaging. Is Tetra Pak packaging better? Is it more recyclable?

it’s just to occupy a small amount of beverage market. Tetra Pak is more convenient. It’s 500ml in 250ml bottles

it depends on what kind of drinks. If it’s a carbonated drink. Tetra Pak is absolutely not allowed to be made

the main function of Tetra Pak is vacuum sterilization. When did you see pure milk in plastic bottles
oxygen isolation. If there is a slightly leaked Tetra Pak bag, it must be the deterioration of the beverage. Therefore, milk is the main packaging method
as for recycling. Tetra Pak publicized very well. Now paper plastic separation technology has appeared.

Tetra Pak is actually not conducive to recycling for those with similar functions and recyclability, because it is already a composite material, so it is difficult to separate

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