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The method of vacuum packaging..

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. Vacuum packaging is also called decompression packaging. It is to extract and seal all the air in the packaging container to maintain the bag in a highly decompressed state. The lack of air is equivalent to the effect of low oxygen, so that microorganisms have no living conditions, so as to achieve the purpose of fresh fruits and no disease and rot. At present, there are vacuum packaging in plastic bags, aluminum foil packaging, glassware, plastic and composite packaging, etc. Packaging materials can be selected according to the type of articles. As fruits are fresh food, they are still breathing, and a high degree of hypoxia will cause physiological diseases. Therefore, less fruits use vacuum packaging
small vacuum packaging machine is suitable for household vacuum packaging machine sealed with composite film or aluminum foil bag, with small shape, practical function and simple operation. The price of single chamber vacuum packaging machine is the most economical type. The full-automatic small vacuum packaging machine adopts microcomputer program control operating system and electromechanical integration technology, To a large extent, it meets the needs of people’s daily life. Such as preserving food, bedding, etc. Especially for the preservation of cotton and linen fabrics, the vacuum greatly saves space and is very popular with users. For the description of vacuum packaging machine, please refer to “industry knowledge” in the navigation bar
this is a very professional physical technology. You should go to a company with vacuum packaging for field investigation, learn and exchange, and then implement it. It’s much easier.

with the development of society, there are more and more types of packaging machinery, which can be divided into single function packaging machine and multi-function packaging machine according to function; According to the purpose of use, it can be divided into inner packaging machine and outer packaging machine; According to the packaging type, it can be divided into special packaging machine and general packaging machine; According to the automation level, it is divided into semi automata and full automata. Vacuum packaging machine is a kind of packaging machinery. It can automatically extract the air in the packaging bag and complete the sealing process after reaching the predetermined vacuum. Vacuum packaging machine is often used in the food industry, because after vacuum packaging, food can resist oxidation, so as to achieve the purpose of long-term preservation. Therefore, the correct use of vacuum packaging machinery to avoid damage to the machine and the safety and pollution of some products

1: before use, the vacuum packaging machine should be placed stably to check whether the cover is closed smoothly and whether it jumps automatically after releasing the hand; Equipped with power supply suitable for model requirements; Check whether the position of the oil surface of the vacuum pump of the vacuum packaging machine is correct. If not, adjust it (see the operation manual of the vacuum pump for details); Ground the machine properly; Turn on the power, turn on the power switch, close the cover and check whether the vacuum pump operates normally

2: before use, we should make the following adjustments: we should select the vacuum degree, because the air extraction time of the vacuum packaging machine is digitally displayed and continuously adjustable. The air extraction time of the small vacuum packaging machine is digitally rotary and adjustable for 0-30 seconds. Adjust the pumping time to achieve the required vacuum. Select the heating temperature, select the required heating temperature according to the packaging bag material, and adjust the heating temperature knob to the corresponding position. Adjust the heating time, heating time and digital display, which are continuously adjustable. Adjust the heating time knob according to the packaging materials and heating temperature, and select the appropriate heating time. Select the silica gel character of the sealing silicone rubber strip as required, and set the sealing date and other characters

3 precautions during use: turn on the power switch; Open the packing bag pressing strip, put the packing bag containing the packaged items into the studio, and place the sealing part on the silicone rubber strip flatly. The bags shall not overlap. Turn over the packing bag pressing strip and press the mouth of the packing bag well; (or press the edge of the upper cover) press down the upper chamber and close the cover. The machine will automatically complete the vacuum packaging process and open the cover automatically according to the program. Some equipment are equipped with emergency stop switches; Open the vacuum cover and take out the packaging bag to complete a working cycle; When stopping work, turn off the power switch and pull out the power plug to achieve safety first

therefore, the rational use of vacuum packaging machinery can avoid the loss of enterprises and people’s own safety, and achieve a win-win situation. It is the right choice

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 Hello, dear, do the following 

 first, determine the attributes of the items requiring vacuum packaging

 because the difference between dry and wet matter lies in whether there is juice. For example, coarse grains are dry matter. When vacuumizing, try to clean the air as much as possible. Kimchi and the like are wet things. When vacuumizing, you need to keep the juice as much as possible, so as not to affect the flavor of the food. The principle of wet matter vacuum pumping is that when water vapor contacts the machine, the machine will stop vacuum and seal automatically

 operation steps of using vacuum machine to complete food packaging: 

 power on 

 put the food to be vacuumized into the bag, and put the bag mouth into the vacuum chamber 

 turn left | turn right 

 the food should not exceed three-quarters of the bag and smooth the mouth of the bag 

4.  Close the cover 

5. Lock the latch 

6. Select "dry" 

7. Click "vacuum sealing" 

8.  Auto jump to "seal" 

9.  Open knob latch 

10. Open the lid and complete 

22 more

1. Check whether the bag seal is locked. Generally, there are two strips. It is best to use the thing attached to the bag to compress

2 Check whether there are small damaged holes in the bag. If there are, but not very large, you can continue to use it with cellophane

3 Check whether the air extraction cylinder is tightened with the bag during air extraction (the head of the air extraction cylinder has silk teeth, which is used to screw on the bag to link the air extraction cylinder during use)

4 If you want to use this, you must make sure that the above points are done well. Be careful, take your time and don’t worry

has the mouth of the bag been sealed? If it’s all right, check the bag again for holes? If it’s all right, look at the pump. Put the air inlet of the pump in the water, or put it in your mouth, and then pull the pull rod to see if there is any pumping force. Is the pumping force large
as you said, this situation should be about the air pump. It has the same principle and different uses as the air pump, but it is the opposite.
Try it
if not, go to the salesperson for help!

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