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This paper discusses the development trend of modern cargo packaging technology

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six trends in the global packaging market
modern brands have to face the problem of declining consumer loyalty all the time. One of the best solutions is to distinguish yourself from competitors, establish a highly recognizable and attractive image, and approach customers in a more personalized way, which is why many brand experts rely on packaging. Today, Kejun takes you to interpret the development trend of the global packaging market in 2016
1. Digital innovation
digital printing has attracted the attention of brands because it can be suitable for the local, with personal style and even emotional level. Research shows that one in five millennials in the United States are looking for personalized and customized packaging, while nearly one in four Chinese consumers say they are willing to pay for products with personal style on soft drink packaging. 2016 is a hot spot of digital printing. It will become the mainstream and will no longer be a limited personalized solution, but a catalyst for economic assets
2. Transparency is important
information exchange on packaging is a good way to convey the key information of the brand, and it has a great influence on whether consumers decide to buy an item. More and more packaging publicity competes for consumers’ attention. In fact, consumers will more want to know what they are really buying, because messy information is easy for them to understand. Especially in food products, clean and concise food material information, product functional attributes and safety will certainly increase the transparency of products. Research shows that 58% of British consumers will check the ingredient information on product packaging, while 76% will pay attention to the use of artificial preservatives
3. Exceptionally soft
soft packaging (specific soft bags) is no longer a compromise packaging scheme. Nearly 1 /3 (32%) of consumers will find flexible packaging more modern, which is also an opportunity for the brand to be unique in its market. But the key to the problem is how to make flexible packaging different, not just a soft bag? Truly innovative brands will look for the next generation of packaging concept of combining hardness and softness, so as to make the function and environmental benefits most effective at the same time, so as to be more perfectly presented on the shelf
4. Not only green packaging
in addition to the efforts of the brand itself, the recyclability of packaging also has great potential. 63% of American consumers believe that multi-purpose packaging is a consideration when they choose to buy products. In the future, when the product price and product quality are equal, consumers will be more and more inclined to buy original ecological or environmentally friendly replaceable products. In this way, brands and manufacturers can not ignore this and timely include it in their brand positioning and marketing strategy
5. Large size milk containers are being sought in the United States; British consumers require different sizes of alcoholic beverage containers, and about half (50%) of health conscious consumers are willing to try small bags of trial new products. In 2016, consumers need specification products that can be tailored to their own needs and suitable for different scenarios, which helps brands better solve the problem of consumers’ brand loyalty on the other hand
6. Mobile packaging
mobile packaging looks like a revolution. The trend of mobile terminal participating in packaging is growing, and it is also important to integrate modern technology into the brand image to gain the trust of potential shoppers. Different from the past, including a single QR or text, today, brands can also use near-field communication (NFC) and Bluetooth energy (ble) as the main technologies. In the future, as an innovative form to attract consumers, the mobile environment may become a new position for businesses of various brands to win the favor and purchase of consumers

some of the trends listed above have been adopted in the existing packaging design. Take Coca Cola for example. They made full use of digital printing in the “share a bottle of coke” activity, so that consumers can print their names on the bottles, which also shows consumers’ direct participation in packaging. For the brand, innovation is a double-edged sword. It can bring many criticisms and injuries to its own image, or bring a more satisfactory outcome, so as to make consumers aware of the close relationship with the brand. Will these trends become a reality in the next few years? Markets as dangerous as the sea will have the final say.

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