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Vacuum packaging machine does not vacuum when pumping, and vacuum when exhausting?

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Hello, please accurately describe the fault phenomenon so that we can analyze the cause for you; Do you mean DZ – * 00 /2S /4S vacuum packaging machine? Do you mean that you can’t feel the pumping force completely or that the vacuum pressure is insufficient. If there is no vacuum, it is recommended to check whether the vacuum pump works normally, such as lack of phase or reversal, and the extraction stop valve does not work. If the vacuum pressure is insufficient and the vacuum effect is not ideal, it should be that the vacuum pump has not been maintained for a long time (such as the replacement of vacuum pump oil and rotary vane), or the place with poor sealing and air leakage (it is recommended to check the airbag, vacuum pipeline and sealing strip)
I hope my answer is helpful to you. Please adopt it. If you need further information, please continue to ask.

spark packaging machinery to answer:
the vacuum packaging machine cannot vacuum the air in the bag
A. if the vacuum pump is short of oil or oil stain and oil quality
B. there is air leakage in the main vacuum pipeline and airbag pipeline of the machine
C. the vacuum time is too short:
D. the vacuum chamber and cover are not well sealed.
e. the distance between the heating row in the vacuum chamber and the two planes of the silica gel strip (the gap between the upper and lower heating rows is too small), resulting in the bag mouth being clamped or partially squeezed during vacuum pumping, so as to degass the air in the bag
* check the pump oil, And carry out correct treatment:
* when the machine is pumped to the maximum vacuum pressure, turn off the main power supply, detect the leakage by ear listening, hand touching and other methods, and deal with it in time
* adjust the vacuum delayer to extend the vacuum time
* replace the chamber side sealing strip
* properly tighten the pressure plate springs at both ends of the airbag assembly, or check whether the airbag (heat seal) solenoid valve works normally

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