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What about the wrinkling of down jacket waterproof fabric?

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the down jacket can be wrinkled by using a hair dryer, ironing with a steam iron and washing without wrinkling. The details are as follows:

1. Blow the wrinkle back and forth with a hair dryer. Don’t stay too long. It will be smooth in a moment. Remember that the air outlet should not be too close to prevent damaging the fabric

2. Iron it with a steam iron. Remember that it can only be a steam iron

3. Down jacket fabrics are generally nylon or polyester, which may be more compact and soft. There is no need to worry about wrinkle washing at all. Even if it’s a little wrinkled after washing, just hang it for a day or two. Try not to wring out the water when washing, so as to avoid wrinkles

4. Because the density of down jacket is relatively high, it is better not to twist it when washing it by hand. Let it dry naturally. If it’s wrinkled, you can iron it with an iron. Note that the temperature should be between 180-220 ℃


1. When collecting down, you should also pay attention to folding it directly and placing it flatly, or hanging it directly in the wardrobe. Avoid heavy pressure

2. The down jacket is made of nylon silk and cannot be ironed with an electric iron

3. If you wash with water, you should prevent the water temperature from being too high. It is better to use warm water at 30 ℃. Do not use alkaline detergent and do not wash with washing machine. After washing, do not expose to the sun, let alone bake

with the improvement of people’s conditions, it is waterproof fabric when wearing down jacket. You will find that the main reason is that you produce a lot of high temperature or extrusion, or use warm water above 72 ℃. At this time, you need to put some acidic or alkaline substances in the water, Then soak it for 12 hours, and then iron it with a steam iron.

if the down jacket and waterproof fabric are wrinkled, it is recommended to go to the dry cleaner for protective treatment. It may also be due to the fabric

. The stains of fluff in clothes cannot be cleaned and overflow the surface when they are dry
2. The detergent in the down jacket was not rinsed clean
treatment method after water stains:
1) scrub with water or wet cloth
2) if the above methods still cannot remove the watermark, it is recommended to wash the clothes with detergent, turn over the inside and outside of the clothes every time they pass the water, and then evenly stick them close to the inner wall of the washing machine (pay attention to whether the label can be dried), and then start the washing machine for dehydration to improve the water passing effect and avoid watermark. Generally, it is necessary to repeat the water passing and dehydration process for 2 to 3 times. Note: this method is only suitable for down jackets with ordinary fabrics (breathable, uncoated waterproof fabrics). The coated down jacket can be dehydrated by repeated extrusion, so as to drain the water from the pinhole as much as possible. You can soak it in the water again and then dry it naturally. Before drying, you must drag it to stretch it. When it is half wet and not dry, pat it gently with your hand to make the feathers fluffy, which makes it look more stretch. The specific methods are as follows. I hope you can help you. Please praise it if you are satisfied ~
wash down clothes
experience 1: you must wash it by hand
a small label printed with maintenance and washing instructions is sewn on the inner side of the down jacket. Careful people will find that 90% of the down jacket is marked to be washed by hand and do not dry clean, because the potion used for dry cleaning will affect the warmth retention and aging of the cloth. The machine washed and dried down clothes, which are twisted and stirred, can easily lead to uneven thickness of fillers, making the clothes out of shape and affecting the beauty and warmth retention

experience 2: rinse at 30 ℃
first soak the down jacket in cold water for 20 minutes to fully wet the inside and outside of the down jacket. Dissolve the detergent into 30 degree warm water, soak the down jacket in it for a quarter of an hour, and then gently brush it with a soft brush. Warm water should also be used for rinsing, which can help the detergent fully dissolve in the water and make the down jacket rinse cleaner

experience 3: the concentration of washing powder should not be too high
if the down jacket must be cleaned with washing powder, it is usually appropriate to put 4 to 5 tablespoons of washing powder into two basins of water. If the concentration is too high, it is difficult to rinse. The residual washing powder in the down will affect the fluffy degree of the down and greatly reduce the warmth retention

experience 4: it is best to use neutral detergent
neutral detergents do the least damage to clothing materials and down. If alkaline detergents are used, the residual detergents will cause damage to down jackets and easily leave white marks on the surface of clothes, affecting the appearance. Remove the residual alkaline detergent. After rinsing twice, add two tablespoons of vinegar to warm water, soak the down jacket for a while and then rinse. Vinegar can neutralize the alkaline detergent

experience 5: do not screw it dry
after the down jacket is washed, it should not be wrung dry. It should be squeezed out of the water, then laid flat or hung up to dry. It is not allowed to be exposed to the sun or ironed to avoid scalding the clothes. After drying, it can be patted gently to make the down jacket fluffy and soft

correct washing method

soak the down jacket in cold water for 2 minutes. Pour about two tablespoons of washing powder into the clean water with the water temperature of 20 ℃ – 30 ℃, mix well, then put in the down jacket taken out from the clean water and squeezed to remove the water, soak it for 5-10 minutes, take it out, lay it flat on the clean table, gently brush it from inside to outside with a soft brush dipped in the washing solution, rinse it twice in warm water at 30 ℃, and then rinse it in clean water for 3 times, To completely remove the detergent residue. Take the washed down with a dry towel, gently suck out the water, and dry it in the sun or in a ventilated place. After drying out, gently pat the surface with a small stick to restore the original fluffy and soft down jacket.

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