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What are Dongguan packaging machinery manufacturers?

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to set up a small yellow board carton factory, you’d better have some business before you start to buy machinery and rent factories
in unfamiliar fields, you should listen to the opinions of experienced people
cartons are supporting products for consumer products. It can be said that as long as people consume and enterprises produce products, there will be no lack of product packaging
in terms of packaging materials, carton packaging accounts for a large part
therefore, the carton factory still has a very optimistic prospect

it’s better to have your own business. If not, it’s like fighting a battle without confidence
however, if your personal business ability is good, you can also contact others
after all, it is impossible to have friends and relatives who need cartons. Without “relationship”, we can become bigger and stronger
carton factories are different from ordinary enterprises that produce products.
ordinary enterprises want to face direct consumers and need their own sales network, sales personnel and sales means…
carton factories just need to find the right manufacturers, use their means and win the business
perhaps a food factory, electrical appliance factory, furniture factory, toy factory… You can become your customer

when you have a business, you have to choose your own plant
cartons are flammable and afraid of water. This is the disadvantage of cartons. If they are handled properly, there will be no problem
it is best to avoid low-lying and rainy areas. Cardboard should not be stacked directly on the ground. Brackets are a good choice
smoking and open fire are prohibited in the plant area, and the production safety can be guaranteed as much as possible by configuring fire-fighting equipment
the initial plant size should be 500 square meters or larger, or smaller
some of our customers rebuild their houses in rural areas for production. Of course, these are only a few
it is better to locate the plant in or near the industrial park, so as to facilitate business expansion and reduce transportation costs

there are businesses and plants, but there is no machinery
in the face of manufacturers everywhere and salesmen everywhere are promoting their products to you, how to choose
what configuration is best for you
it still needs experienced people to tell you
the two most basic machines required by the yellow board carton factory are ink printing slotting machine and nailing machine
the former is production equipment, while the latter is molding equipment

first introduce the printing equipment:

ink printing slotting machine is the most basic production equipment, which is responsible for printing and basic processing
it is divided into manual ink printing slotting machine, semi-automatic ink printing slotting machine and full-automatic ink printing slotting machine
the price varies with the configuration. Manual is the cheapest and semi-automatic is slightly more expensive. Those who can use full-automatic are not small carton factories

most investors choose semi-automatic or dynamic
the main difference between semi-automatic and manual machinery is in the adjustment size
semi automatic is time-saving and manual is a lot of trouble

while ordinary manufacturers have to make several varieties or even more in a day, they rarely make only one or two varieties
it takes a lot of time to adjust the tool, paste the plate and adjust the size.
generally, it takes about 20 minutes to half an hour to adjust the production size semi-automatically. Manual adjustment will take more time because of the tool adjustment steps
the normal production speed is almost the same, but in the production process, the semi-automatic machine can adjust the phase without stopping the machine, and the manual machine must stop the machine for adjustment
during the normal working hours of eight hours a day, the quantity of products produced is much worse

the main improvement of the full-automatic ink printer is to change the manual paper feeding into mechanical paper feeding,
the production speed is greatly improved, which is not the same concept as manual paper feeding

after printing and slotting, the carton needs to be formed
generally, there are two molding methods, one is to use the nail box machine, and the other is to stick the box
various cartons depend on different customer requirements
carton nailing machines are relatively cheap. Generally, carton factories will buy one or two at the initial stage, and the later stage depends on the situation
if the quantity is large, semi-automatic box nailing machine can be considered
the gluing box can be painted and glued manually; You can also buy a box gluing machine, which is convenient and practical
the gluing machine is several times more expensive than the nailing machine, but the consumables are cheap
the actual situation still depends on the business needs to choose which molding equipment to purchase

with the above two machines, the carton factory can produce normally
however, other machines may be added to meet other customer needs

for example, die-cutting machine, paper separation and thread pressing machine, thin knife machine, three-purpose machine, etc
here is a brief introduction to the functions of the machine

die cutting machine: necessary equipment for producing special-shaped cartons and color printing
paper separation and thread pressing machine: it can process small pieces of paper by reforming paperboard and cutting paperboard
thin knife machine: modified paperboard, cutting paperboard, not suitable for too small pieces of paper, but the paper separation effect is better than that of paper crimping machine
three purpose machine: also called slotting machine, it is used for processing small cartons

there are other auxiliary equipment,
for example:
paper feeder: instead of manual paper feeding, stack the paperboard after adjusting the size and feed the paper automatically
the baler can bale several cartons, saving labor and improving efficiency
packer: compact the carton waste into a square. Convenient for stacking and transportation

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