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What are soft drinks? Are they packed in soft cartons?

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Um.. Seek guidance

soft drinks are non-alcoholic drinks, also known as cool drinks and non-alcoholic drinks
the United States stipulates that beverages prepared manually with an alcohol content of no more than 0.5% do not include pure fruit (vegetable) juice, dairy products, soybean dairy products, tea, coffee, cocoa and other beverages based on plant raw materials. It can be filled with carbonic acid gas or not, and can also be concentrated and processed into solid powder
Japan: it is called cool drink. Natural fruit juices are included in soft drinks
UK: any liquid product sold for human consumption that needs to be diluted or does not need to be diluted. Including fruit drinks, fruit juice drinks, pulp drinks, sweetened fruit juice drinks, soft drinks and drinks with drugs or plants; Excluding water, natural mineral water, fruit juice, milk and dairy products, tea, coffee, egg products, grain products, etc
China: beverage products that do not contain ethanol or the ethanol content of solvents used as spices and other ingredients does not exceed 0.5%.

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