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What are the advantages of packing in wooden cases?

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What are the advantages of packing in wooden cases?

wood has good cushioning performance, corrosion resistance, high strength and good moisture absorption performance. Wooden cases can be suitable for items of various sizes and have the functions of moisture-proof, fresh-keeping and earthquake resistance.
nowadays, wooden case packaging has been widely used in many fields, and the packaging industry mainly includes the following categories, namely wooden packing cases, plastic packing cases and paper packing cases. All kinds of packing cases have their unique advantages, followed by their disadvantages. Because wooden cases are used more in industrialization and make a significant contribution to the country’s domestic and foreign trade and export, Dongyou wooden case packaging factory mainly introduces the advantages and disadvantages of all kinds of wooden cases. The packing box (wooden box) of wooden materials is made of solid wood board nails. The advantages are: 1 Firm and strong 2 Simple process 3 Easy installation 4 Beautiful appearance 5 It is reliable and recyclable, and is mostly suitable for the transportation and packaging of industrial products. Now we should be very clear about the advantages. Wooden box is analyzing its disadvantages for you. 1 The sealing and cushioning performance are relatively poor. 2. Compared with plastic products, its volume is relatively large and inconvenient for people to carry. 3. Because the inner and outer layers of the paper packaging box are made of paper plates, the top plate and side plate are made of corrugated plates, and the bottom plate is made of corrugated paper composite plate or honeycomb paperboard, it is precisely because it is a paper product, its firmness and rigidity is relatively poor, it can not withstand the high-strength working environment and is easy to break. Convenient storage and transportation
special products are relatively special products in the current products, with large size, heavy weight and uneven edges. Compared with other products, the design of packaging box is more complex and requires higher packaging safety
cuts the bundle material relative to the wooden case, and saves all kinds of buffer lining (foam and other white trash) used in the wooden box. Br> when the operator assembles the box safely, there is no need to use the hammer, nail, etc. used to make the wooden box. The operation safety is high and will not lead to injury accidents caused by wooden thorns
to shorten the operation time, the wooden box should be completed by nailing, while the high-strength carton is assembled with paperboard. The baling operation time is greatly shortened, and its weight is 1 /3 ~ 1 /4 of that of the wooden box
it is easy to be discarded. Because high-strength cartons are made of waste paper raw materials, they can be recycled as paper raw materials Because all countries in the world have paperboard recycling systems, it is very convenient to dispose of waste
when the market is bad, use high-strength environmental protection cartons and better packaging boxes, which can save 20% of the packaging cost. Why not!

wooden case packaging can be loaded, which is the key. In addition, it can shock absorption and stacking, so as to save logistics costs

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