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What are the basic forms of packaging design?

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2007 self examination packaging test question: “what are the basic forms of packaging design?”
please give me some advice from the senior who has passed the exam

packaging is an important part of commodity entities. It is generally divided into three levels: the direct packaging closest to the product; Protect the indirect packaging of

the first layer of packaging; Transportation (or storage and transportation) necessary for further sales during product storage, identification and transportation


(1) for similar packaging, the packaging of all goods produced by the enterprise is the same or similar. It is convenient for enterprises to save packaging design and expand influence

(2) graded packaging, that is, according to the quality and value of goods, they are divided into grades, and different grades use different packaging

(3) combined packaging, also known as “multi variety packaging”, that is, according to consumption habits, several or more related

products of different merchants are packed in one package. For example, there are toothpaste, toothbrush, soap comb and other supplies in the wash bag

(4) reusable packaging, also known as dual-use packaging

(5) complimentary package. There are gifts in the package to attract customers and expand sales

(6) change the packaging. Make the goods abandon the old packaging and replace it with a new one

the main functions of product packaging are: protecting commodities, facilitating identification, facilitating sales, increasing the value of commodities, beautifying commodities, etc.

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