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What are the categories of food packaging?

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food packaging can be divided into metal, glass, paper, plastic, composite materials, etc. according to the packaging type, it can be divided into cans, bottles, bags, bags, rolls, boxes, boxes, etc. according to the packaging method, it can be divided into cans, bottles, packaging, bags, wrapping, filling, integration, sealing, labeling, code spraying, etc; According to the product level, it can be divided into inner packaging, secondary packaging, tertiary packaging… Outer packaging, etc
there are many ways to classify food packaging. For example, it can be divided into: moisture-proof packaging, waterproof packaging, mildew proof packaging, fresh-keeping packaging, quick-frozen packaging, breathable packaging, microwave sterilization packaging, sterile packaging, inflatable packaging, vacuum packaging, deoxidation packaging, blister packaging, body fitting packaging, stretch packaging, cooking bag packaging, etc. The above packages are made of different composite materials, and their packaging characteristics correspond to the requirements of different foods, which can effectively protect food quality
benefits of food packaging
food packaging is an integral part of food commodities. Food packaging and food packaging boxes protect food and prevent the damage of biological, chemical and physical external factors in the circulation process from leaving the factory to consumers. It can also maintain the stable quality of food itself. It is convenient for food consumption, and first shows the image of food appearance and attracting consumption. It has value other than material cost. China Printing cloud platform provides one-stop online solutions from food packaging design to food packaging printing, and provides economic, hygienic and fast food packaging printing solutions in combination with different product requirements. Many enterprises need to print decorative patterns, patterns or words on the packaging to make the products more attractive or illustrative. Good packaging can make products establish a high-quality image, improve product competitiveness and promote product sales. It can effectively strengthen the publicity of enterprises and improve the influence of enterprises.

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