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What are the exhibitions in Shanghai from 2008 to 2009?

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What are the exhibitions in Shanghai from December 2008 to 2009
any category is OK. Now I want to know about it first.

Shanghai New International Expo Center
2009 exhibition plan of Shanghai New International Expo Center (data up to December 10, 2008)

No. exhibition name time Museum No.
1 the 15th China International Stone products and stone technology and equipment exhibition from February 15 to February 17 w1-w5
2 the 10th China International Forestry, woodworking machinery and supply exhibition, the 10th China International Furniture accessories and hardware exhibition The 8th China International Furniture and building wood products exhibition February 17-february 20 E1-E4
3 the 90th China knitting and cotton fair and China International Knitting and Textile Expo February 22-february 24 W1-W3
4 China East China Import and Export Commodities Fair March 1-March 5 w1-w5, E1-e6
5 Shanghai international garment and Textile Trade Expo 2009 March 10 – March 12 w2-w4
6 the 14th China International Hardware Expo March 10 – March 12 W1, e1-e6
7 the 18th China International Electronic circuit exhibition /semicon China 2008 /Munich Shanghai laser and photoelectric exhibition March 17 – March 19 w1-w5, e1-e6
8 the 10th China International Floor materials and pavement technology exhibition March 24 – March 26 W1-W2, E1-e6
9 information of 2009 China International sunshade and energy saving Technology Expo /2009 China International Door and access control system exhibition, March 24-march 26 w4-w5
10 the 17th China International Architecture and decoration exhibition and professional roof, wall Floor materials and doors, windows and curtain walls exhibition /the 17th China International Architectural decoration science and technology exhibition and the 9th China International Architectural ceramics and bathroom science and technology exhibition /the 18th Shanghai International Hotel Supplies Expo and the 8th China Cleaning Expo from March 31 to April 3 w1-w5, E1-e6
11 2009 Shanghai Lihua international color box exhibition /2009 Shanghai Lihua International Corrugated exhibition April 7 – April 10 e1-e5
12 world bus Expo Asia Exhibition April 8 – April 10 w2-w3
13 China (Shanghai) International Wind Energy Exhibition and seminar /the 8th China International power equipment and generator set exhibition April 8-april 10 w4-w5
14 2009 World Tourism Resources Expo April 9-April 11 w4-w5
15 the 13th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition April 22-april 28 w1-w5, e1-e6
16 China International Bicycle Exhibition /China International Electric bicycle exhibition may 4-may 7 w1-w5, E1-E3
17 the 3rd international solar energy and Photovoltaic Conference and exhibition may 6-may 8 e4-e6
18 the 11th China International Baking Exhibition may 12-may 14 w1-w4
19 Shanghai international jewelry exhibition may 12-may 15 E1-E2
20 the 20th China International Glass Industry Technology Exhibition may 13-may 16 e3-e6
21 the 14th China International Beauty, cosmetics and washing products Expo may 18-may 20 W1- W5
22The 10th China International Food and Beverage Exhibition may 19-may 21 e2-e4
23The 9th Shanghai International Packaging and food processing exhibition may 19-may 21 E1
24The 7th China (Shanghai) International Furniture Exhibition and Shanghai international home accessories exhibition may 19-may 21 e5-e6
25The 14th China International Construction Trade Expo and its supporting theme exhibition may 25-may 28 w1-w5, e1-e6
26 China International molds Mold equipment exhibition and related industrial exhibition June 2-june 5 W1-W3
27The 14th Beijing Essen Welding and cutting exhibition June 2-june 5 e1-e6
28 Shanghai International Textile Machinery Exhibition June 12-june 15 w1-w5, E1-e6
29 2009 China (Shanghai) International Textile and flour Accessories Expo /2009 China (Shanghai) International clothing and apparel OEM Expo June 23 June 25 w3-w4
30 2009 world pharmaceutical raw materials China Exhibition June 23 June 25 e1-e6
31 Asian food ingredients and technology exhibition June 23 June 25 W1-W2
32 103rd China cultural goods fair June 29 July 1 E1-E3
33 2009 Shanghai International Design week June 30 July 1 W4
34 international swimming pool, bathing beach technology and sauna Physiotherapy and fitness equipment exhibition June 30 – July 1 W3
35 Chinalco June 30 – July 2 W1-W2
36 the 17th Shanghai international printing and packaging paper industry exhibition /the 17th Shanghai International Advertising Technology Equipment Exhibition July 7 – July 10 w1-w5, e1-e6
37 the 15th China International processing Packaging and printing technology exhibition July 15-july 17 w1-w4
38 2009 Shanghai International Machine Tool Exhibition /Korea Machinery Exhibition July 15-july 17 e1-e5
39 China international shipbuilding industry equipment and Shipbuilding Design Exhibition July 23-july 25 E1-E2
40 China international digital interactive entertainment products and Technology Application Exhibition July 23-july 26 W1-W2
41 The Ninth fashion parenting, pregnancy and baby products exhibition July 29-july 31 E1-E3
42 the 103rd China general merchandise fair July 30 August 1 W1-W3
43 the 20th China (Shanghai) International Building Materials and interior decoration exhibition /the 5th China (Shanghai) International building energy conservation and new building materials exhibition August 18 August 21 E1-E3
44 Shanghai international automotive materials and equipment technology exhibition August 18 August 21 W1-W2
45 China International Home Textiles and Accessories Expo August 25 August 28 w1-w5, E1-e5
46 China International Knitting Expo August 26 August 27 E5
47 the 6th Shanghai international stainless steel exhibition September 1 September 3 E1-E2
48 China International Leather Exhibition /China International Footwear Exhibition /China International luggage exhibition, Fur and leather clothing and apparel exhibition September 2-september 4 w1-w5
49 World Food China exhibition /China International dessert and leisure food exhibition September 2-september 4 E3
50 China International Furniture Exhibition September 9-september 12 w1-w5, e1-e6
51 China International Hardware Exhibition September 16-september 18 w1-w5, e1-e5
52 China International Sewing Equipment Exhibition September 22-september 25 w1-w5, E1-E2
53 October 13-october 16, 2009 China (Shanghai) International Musical Instrument Exhibition e1-e6
54 October 13-october 16, 2009 Shanghai international professional lighting and sound exhibition W1-W2
55 the 8th China International toys Model and baby products exhibition October 14-october 16 w3-w5
56 China International Industrial Textiles and nonwovens exhibition October 20-october 23 W5
57 China international textile fabrics and accessories (autumn and winter) Expo October 20-october 23 w1-w4, e1-e6
58 Asia international power transmission and control technology exhibition /Asia international logistics technology and transportation system exhibition October 26-October 29 W1-W3, E1-e6
59 the 14th China International Pharmaceutical (industry) exhibition and China International Pharmaceutical Industry Forum October 27-october 29 w4-w5
60 the 7th Shanghai international hairdressing and Beauty Festival October 28-October 30 W1
61 the 11th China International Industry Expo November 3-november 7 w1-w5, e1-e6
62 the 73rd China Electronics Exhibition and 2009 Asia Electronics Exhibition from November 11 to November 14 w1-w5
63 China International Stationery and office supplies exhibition from November 11 to November 13 E1-E4
64 China International Rubber Technology Exhibition /Asia Essen tire exhibition November 11 – November 13 e5-e6
65 the 17th China International Food and hotel equipment and Supplies Expo November 18 – November 20 w1-w4
66 2009 China International Coatin
g Exhibition and China International surface treatment exhibition November 27 – November 29 e1-e5
67 2009 Asia Pacific International Plastics and rubber industry exhibition November 24 – November 27 E1-E4
68 2009 China International Sea Academic conference and exhibition of business technology from December 1 to December 4 w1-w5
69 2009 Asian label exhibition from December 1 to December 4 E1-E2
70 China International Beverage Industry Science and technology exhibition from December 1 to December 3 e5-e6
71 The Sixth Asian printing consumables exhibition from December 2 to December 4 e3-e4
72 global resource fashion accessories purchase fair and global resource baby and children products purchase fair from December 9 to December 12 e1-e5
73 Shanghai International Auto parts, maintenance, testing and diagnostic equipment and service supplies exhibition from December 10 to December 12 W1-W3, e1-e6

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