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What are the main aspects of cigarette packaging

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1. Cigarette packaging design will develop towards “simplicity” and “luxury”
2. Cigarette packaging and printing production will be highly concentrated. The competition of cigarette packaging and printing market is more intense, and small and medium-sized cigarette packaging design and printing enterprises will face changing production
3. Green cigarette labels will be paid more and more attention by cigarette enterprises
4. Cigarette packaging printing will develop from web multi-color gravure printing to web multi-color offset printing and flexographic printing

the packaging of many brands of cigarettes is very exquisite, and the ink used in its printing is not environmentally friendly. If these brands want to further expand their market share, they must use alcohol soluble or water-soluble ink printing, and the design should be unique, expressing a new brand culture with extremely simple graphics and as few colors as possible, which is concise and natural.

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