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What are the main aspects of the purchase of automatic continuous stretch film vacuum packaging machine

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according to the main structure and configuration components of the full-automatic continuous stretch film vacuum packaging machine, a high-quality full-automatic continuous stretch film vacuum packaging machine must meet the following basic conditions:
1. Select a high-quality vacuum pump, which must ensure that it has a good brand or products produced by time-honored enterprises in the industry. Qingdao Aixun vacuum packaging machine can be equipped with appropriate vacuum pump according to the needs of users convenience of maintenance and the universality and standardization of spare parts. It is strictly prohibited to use the old series, old model and system electrical switches and other components that have been officially eliminated by the Ministry of machinery and electronics of the people’s Republic of China. Although these products reduce the cost of manufacturers, they add
trouble to users
3. The steel structure of the whole machine should meet the requirements of frequent use from material to thickness, especially the structure and material of the vacuum chamber must meet the requirements of food hygiene and the thickness and strength of the standard
4. The appearance design of the whole machine should be reasonable and beautiful, meet the professional standardization requirements of mechanical and electrical products or vacuum packaging machine, and have basic safety. Various prompt signs must be complete and marked at key positions. The nameplate must indicate the equipment number, factory date, technical parameters and executive standards
at present, the standard implemented by the manufacturer of vacuum packaging machine is gb9177-88 standard. The distinction of machine models is mainly determined according to the designed sealing length of this type of machine (i.e. the length of heating row). For example, 400mm
long heating row (packaging machine) is called 400 type (usually called), and so on. The packaging machine with 500mm heating length is called 500 type, etc. At present, the models in the market usually include: 400, 500
, 550, 600, 700, 680, 800, etc. of course, there are many non-standard models that belong to the special use requirements of users, and there should be other more important technical
parameters in the structure of vacuum packaging machine, which are different from different manufacturers Vacuum packaging machines of different brands are different (for example, double row spacing of 350mm and sealing length of 400mm are called 400 machines, while double row spacing of 450mm and sealing length of 400mm are also called 400 machines). Single chamber type machine and double chamber type machine are based on the sealing length

therefore, we believe that users should not simply select the model according to the model when selecting the vacuum packaging machine. Generally speaking, because the food (packaging materials) produced by each user are different, the packaging size is different, the technical grade requirements of vacuum packaging are different, and the requirements of work efficiency are different (output size, etc.), Instead, we should determine which model is suitable for the user according to the characteristics of the user’s own products (including liquid, solid, powder, colloidal, semi-liquid; pickled products, cooked meat, seafood
), and the size of the packaging bag (including the width of the bag mouth, the longitudinal length of the bag, and the height (thickness) after loading the goods) The main basis for users to determine the model is the sealing length of the package
installed, the spacing between two rows, the maximum available height of the vacuum chamber, the production efficiency of the whole machine, etc
the products produced by different manufacturers of vacuum packaging machines of the same model are different from each other in the above aspects. The key lies in the difference in the configuration level and quality of main components. Generally speaking, the key factor determining the manufacturing cost of the packaging mechanism is the quality of internal configuration components. The selection of high-grade and famous manufacturers’ vacuum pumps and electrical components is the key to ensure the good working performance and service life of the machine. At the same time, the selection of large air extraction (high air extraction speed
rate) vacuum pumps is also an important factor to improve the grade of the machine, but the equipment cost is high
7. Whether ordering equipment from manufacturers or distributors, customers must understand the professional service ability and service attitude of the manufacturers or distributors, try to choose manufacturers or merchants with excellent after-sales service conditions, and pay attention to reaching real after-sales commitments
8. When purchasing vacuum packaging machine equipment, technicians with certain electromechanical knowledge can observe the model you want, understand the equipment in many aspects, and beware of the practice of selecting the machine only from the appearance
instructions for ordering special specification (non-standard) vacuum packaging machines
users of special specification (non-standard) models must provide the following information to the manufacturer so that the manufacturer can determine the structure of the machine and the quotation of the equipment
1. What kind of products (features and shapes) are packaged and the requirements for packaging effect
2. Specification and size of packaging bag used [length] × Width (seal length) × Height (the height of the package after bagging)]
3. Requirements for the packaging quantity produced by the equipment use team (production packaging efficiency): how many (bags /hour)
4. Requirements of the operating environment on the material and structure of the equipment
when determining the price with the manufacturer, the customer must understand clearly that the size and structure of the model determined by the manufacturer for the user, especially the selection of materials, materials and internal components. For example, different models, sizes and brands of vacuum pumps will affect the cost and quality of the equipment, The grade of other components may also affect the cost and reliability of this machine.

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