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What are the operating procedures of the semi-automatic labeling machine?

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the semi-automatic labeling machine belongs to the semi-automatic labeling machine series, which is suitable for paste labeling of various cylindrical articles. It belongs to a relatively simple class of packaging equipment. The labeling machine is especially suitable for small and medium-sized batch labeling production, such as labeling of food and wine. It is widely used in food, medicine, wine and other industries. No matter how good the equipment is, it needs to be able to operate. Let’s see how to operate this labeling machine

I. start up

1. Clean the machine and its surroundings and check whether it is loose
2. Connect the power cord to the power socket behind the labeling machine and turn on the switch next to the power socket

II. Label limit adjustment

the function of label limit adjustment is to prevent two or more labels from being sent out at the same time, and ensure that the labels are transported smoothly and without deviation. Pay attention to the following points during adjustment:

1. Adjust the gap between the separation wheel and the separation platform to control that only one label passes through each time. When the paper passing adjusting screw is rotated clockwise, the interval between the paper separation wheel and the paper separation platform decreases. When it is rotated counterclockwise, the interval between the paper feeding wheel and the lower red glue increases
put the label in the position, step on the switch and observe the separation of the label. When the paper cannot be passed normally, rotate the screw counterclockwise to increase the gap. When the label separation is not a single sheet, rotate clockwise to reduce the paper passing gap
2. Adjust the label limit block to ensure smooth label conveying without offset
3. Adjust the paper lifting claw to ensure that the label can be sent out from the upper end of the paper lifting claw, and the distance between the paper lifting claw and the label covering shaft is 2 ~ 3mm

three, label the position to adjust

1, put the bottle between the marking wheel and the supporting rod. According to the size of the bottle, the bracing rod is adjusted in different positions, and the results are adjusted to the nearest edge of the bottle edge and the label head of the paper claw. Br> 2. Adjust the positioning device to ensure that the label is pasted to the designated position on the bottle
3. For slightly conical bottles, adjust the taper through the fine-tuning device, and cooperate with the inclination adjustment of the capping. The edge of the bottle can be tangent to the capping mechanism, labeling shaft and support rod to realize small taper labeling

IV. paste

1. Loosen the screw of the locking mechanism of the paste tray, take out the paste tray and add glue to the tray
2. Adjust the distance between the rubber scraping wheel and the rubber coating wheel, and adjust the thickness of the glue coating
3. Re lock the paste tray

v. trial pasting

after the above steps are followed, the trial pasting can be carried out, and then fine-tuning can be carried out according to the trial pasting situation. Several points for attention in trial pasting:

1. Put the bottle to the labeling position and step on the foot switch
2. When the foot switch is closed, the paper separation wheel rotates all the time to separate the label. When the label passes through the accelerator wheel, the label measuring sensor detects the label, the paper separation wheel stops rotating, the electromagnetic clutch is released, and the label separation stops. The rubber coating wheel continues to rotate under the delay action of PLC. The label continues to be transported under the action of the label pressing rod and the rubber coating wheel until the label is completely covered

VI. formal operation

after the above steps, the paper separation, label direction, label position and glue thickness have been adjusted, and continuous operation can be carried out.

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