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What are the packaging materials made of paper

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packaging paper and paperboard
1. General packaging paper
includes paper bag paper, kraft paper, egg paper, aluminum foil lining paper, needle wrapping paper, translucent paper, striped kraft paper, film protective base paper, match paper, neutral packaging paper, stretch paper bag paper, thin page packaging paper, ordinary packaging paper, striped packaging paper, agricultural packaging paper, soap packaging paper, wrinkled tire packaging paper, paddle residue packaging paper, aluminum packaging paper, packaging base paper Velun cloth paper composite packaging materials, recycled kraft paper, recycled cement bag paper, waterproof bag paper, phosphate fertilizer bag paper, recycled wrinkled bag sealing paper, packaging paper, kraft cardboard, gray lining paper, blue sandpaper, composite wrinkled base paper, machine-made white paper, more empty aluminized base paper, vacuum aluminized paper and film lining paper
2. Special wrapping paper
there are industrial parchment, ultra-fine parchment, industrial parchment base paper, ultra-fine parchment, neutral wax paper, neutral paraffin base paper, cellophane, striped asphalt base paper, striped asphalt base paper, asphalt moisture-proof base paper, vapor-phase moisture-proof paper, vapor-phase rust proof base paper, black opaque paper, sodium benzoate rust proof paper, neutral plastic wax moisture-proof wrapping paper and wire clamping asphalt paper
3. Food packaging paper
there are food parchment, food parchment base paper, candy packaging base paper, popsicle packaging paper, imitation parchment paper, ordinary food packaging paper, oil proof paper, composite materials for liquid food packaging, extruded candy packaging paper, oxygen isolating composite packaging materials for pastry preservation, and deoxidizer bag paper for pastry preservation
4. Packaging paperboard
there are single-sided white paperboard, thick paperboard, yellow paperboard, neutral paperboard, box paperboard, kraft linerboard, corrugated base paper, standard paperboard, suitcase paperboard, tea board, match outer box paperboard, match inner box paperboard, double-sided gray paperboard and gray paperboard.

the commonly used paper packaging materials for color box packaging can be basically divided into three categories: paper, paperboard and corrugated paper
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