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What are the packaging of common drinks? How to distinguish?

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Because I am not a professional, it is impossible to distinguish pet, PE and PP materials in the supermarket. I want to know a simple way to distinguish these materials

the mainstream packaging materials in the market are plastic packaging, paper product packaging and metal can packaging

Plastic packaging materials

common plastic beverage packaging materials include polyethylene PE, polyvinyl chloride PVC, polypropylene PP, polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polyvinylidene chloride PVDC, etc

from the development of the world’s packaging industry, although plastic packaging materials have been seriously challenged by environmental problems, plastic packaging has still become one of the materials with the fastest demand growth in the packaging industry

in order to meet the requirements of the new era, plastic packaging materials are required not only to meet the increasing requirements of market packaging quality and efficiency, but also to save energy and resources. It is easy to recycle or be degraded by the environment after use, which is the starting point of Technology development

high performance and multifunctional plastic packaging materials are becoming the focus of development in many countries, and some products have been put into industrial production. Such materials include high impermeability, multi-functional preservation, selective permeability, heat resistance, sterility (anti bacteria), rust prevention, deodorization, resealability and easy unsealing. Among them, high impermeability, multi-functional preservation and sterile packaging materials are developing more rapidly. In addition, nanocomposite packaging materials being studied and developed in recent years are receiving attention

  1. Polyethylene naphthalate (pen)

the resin structure of pen is very similar to that of pet, but the properties of pen are better than PET in all aspects. It has the following characteristics:

the thermal deformation temperature is 30 ℃ higher than that of pet and reaches 100 ℃, which can be used for hot filling; The glass transition temperature is about 40 ℃ higher than that of pet, and its tensile strength, bending modulus and bending strength are also high, so pen has good dimensional stability, low thermal shrinkage and good long-term heat resistance; The properties of acid resistance, alkali resistance, hydrolysis resistance and resistance to general chemicals are better than pet; It is a kind of good gas barrier in various plastics. Its barrier to oxygen, carbon dioxide and water is 4 times, 5 times and 3.5 times higher than pet respectively; Compared with pet, pen has less adsorption for organic solvents and its free and precipitation properties are also low; The crystallinity is lower than that of pet, and it is easy to make thick wall transparent bottles; It has good UV resistance and good hygienic performance

at present, bottle packaging containers have become the main market of pen. Because pen has excellent characteristics, the performance of pen bottle blown with pen is better than that of PET bottle

pen bottle is transparent and hot filling temperature can reach about 100 ℃. It has good barrier to ultraviolet, oxygen and carbon dioxide, and is resistant to chemicals. It is used in the packaging of beverages, beer and baby food. It has great practicability and market. Especially in beer packaging, it makes up for the defects of pet and glass, and has become a hot topic in recent years

  2. Polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC)

PVDC is a light yellow, powdery high barrier material. In addition to the general properties of plastics, it also has self extinguishing, oil resistance, taste retention, excellent moisture and mildew resistance, as well as excellent printing and heat sealing properties

PVDC is a kind of packaging material with better comprehensive barrier performance in plastic packaging in the world. It is not only different from the sharp decline of gas resistance of polyvinyl alcohol with the increase of moisture absorption, but also different from nylon membrane. It is a high barrier material with good moisture and gas resistance. It not only has excellent high barrier performance, but also has excellent printing performance, composite performance and transparency

  3. Polypyrazinamide (PZA)

PZA polymer is a highly transparent material with good operating performance and resistance to water dissolution. It is suitable for most thermoforming processes. Traditional processing equipment can be used, including sheet and film extrusion equipment, film blowing manufacturing, fiber drawing and injection molding equipment. Compared with pet, it has good price and performance potential. It can also provide excellent adhesion and gloss properties, and has good metallization properties. PZA polymer can be used in yogurt packaging carton, etc

with the improvement of the quality and functionality of plastic packaging products, new varieties of packaging plastics are constantly developed, and the uses of the original plastic varieties are further expanded

paper packaging materials

the biggest feature of paper packaging materials is environmental protection and can be recycled. As a beverage packaging material, paper is mainly compounded with polyhexene PE film and aluminum foil on the inside or outside to make a paper plastic aluminum packaging container, so that it has certain sealing, moisture resistance and waterproof. Such as Tetra Pak bag and Kangmei bag, which are common to people. The shapes include roof bag, sterile square brick, etc. It is mainly used for short-term fresh milk, yogurt and long-term fresh milk drinks and fruit juices
paper packaging materials have the advantages of low cost, economy and light weight. They are green packaging and pollution-free. However, its pressure resistance and sealing accuracy are not as good as glass bottles and metal cans, nor can it be heated and sterilized. Therefore, the heat sealing performance of preformed carton will be reduced due to polyethylene oxidation during storage, or it will lose elasticity and become uneven due to crease or lower than fiber hardening, resulting in difficulty in feeding the filling molding machine

this is very complex and can’t be seen by the naked eye.

paper bags, bottles (plastic and glass), cans

paper bags, bottles, cans

go to the supermarket and understand everything

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