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What are the printing and packaging materials

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materials in the printing industry are mainly divided into two categories: one is substrate materials and the other is photosensitive materials. Substrate materials mainly include paper, metal, glass, clothing and so on. Photosensitive material is a kind of photosensitive material mainly used for coating on printing plate. The ink, film, soft plate and film belong to this kind. For example, the photosensitive glue on PS plate in offset printing belongs to this kind
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packaging materials refer to the materials used to manufacture packaging containers, packaging decoration, packaging printing, packaging and transportation to meet the product packaging requirements. They include metal, plastic, glass, ceramics, paper, bamboo, wild mushroom, natural fiber, chemical fiber, composite materials and other main packaging materials, as well as coatings, adhesives, binding belts, decoration, printing materials and other auxiliary materials/view/265291

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