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What are the requirements for plastic flexible packaging of drugs?

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1. It should meet the needs of different circulation conditions
drugs can be affected by transportation, loading and unloading conditions, storage time, climate change and other conditions in the circulation field, so the packaging of drugs should adapt to these conditions. If you are afraid of sending frozen drugs to cold areas, you should add cold proof packaging; Drug packaging measures shall be considered according to the area with the highest relative humidity. Similarly, when packaging exported drugs, full consideration should be given to the specific conditions of the exporting country to minimize the possibility of affecting the quality of drugs due to packaging
2. The packaging shall be adapted to the contents
different measures shall be taken respectively in combination with the physical and chemical properties and dosage form characteristics of the drugs contained. If it is easy to deteriorate when exposed to light and the drugs are easy to oxidize in the exposed air, the shading container shall be used; The bottled liquid drugs shall be provided with shockproof and pressure proof measures
3. To meet the standardization requirements
packaging that meets the standardization requirements is conducive to ensuring drug quality; Facilitate drug transportation, loading, unloading and storage; It is convenient for identification and measurement, and is conducive to mechanized loading and unloading of modern ports; It is conducive to the reduction of packaging, transportation and storage costs
in addition, there are some specific requirements for drug packaging, such as drug packaging (including transportation packaging) must be sealed, sealed, sealed or anti-theft cap and bottle cap cover; The label must be affixed firmly and correctly, and shall not be put into the bottle together with the drug; All seals, labels, packaging containers, etc. that are damaged shall not leave the factory and be sold. The labels of drugs under special management, over-the-counter drugs and drugs for external use must be printed with the specified marks. The packaging, labels and instructions of drugs sold in China must be in Chinese, and traditional characters and variant characters cannot be used. If Chinese pinyin or foreign languages are added, Chinese must be the main body; Imported drugs sold in China must be accompanied by instructions in Chinese. For western medicine preparations using the trade name, the legal general name, etc. must be indicated in the brackets below the trade name.

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