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What are the stem picking machines for the packaging of jasmine tea?

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stem picking machine for jasmine tea packaging: the function of stem picking machine is to pick and separate the stem and leaf mixture that cannot be separated by screening and air selection. According to the picking principle, the stem picker can be divided into mechanical type, electrostatic type, photoelectric type and computer type

(1) mechanical stem picker (stepped stem picker)

① main technical parameters and structure vibration frequency of picking bed 500 times /min; The inclination of multi groove plate is 8 °, with 4 ~ 6 layers in total; The rotation speed of picking shaft is 150 rpm. Mechanical stem picker is composed of picking bed, vibration source, transmission mechanism, frame, etc. The picking bed is composed of a plurality of groups of multi slot plates arranged in a ladder shape, a stem picking shaft, a tea receiving plate, a stem receiving plate, etc. The stalk picking shaft is located between the upper and lower groove plates to drag the tea stalk; The tea receiving plate is located below each layer of slot plate to transport the fallen tea to the next section of picking; The stem connecting plate is located above each level of slot plate to collect the tea stems passing through the stem picking shaft

② working principle: the physical characteristics of different length and center of gravity between tea and stem were used to separate leaf stem. The picking bed vibrates before and after, and the tea leaves move forward longitudinally. When passing through the gap (groove) between the front and rear multi slot plates, the shorter and slightly curved tea leaves have exceeded the edge of the multi slot plate and turned over to the tea receiving plate before touching the rotating picking shaft, and enter the lower slot plate to continue picking. The longer and straight tea stems can maintain balance and do not tilt forward because the center of gravity has not exceeded the edge of the multi slot plate, The stem picking shaft is sent across the groove and collected to the stem connecting plate. After multiple layers of repeated picking, the tea stem is separated from the tea

③ main points of mechanical stem picker: first, pay attention to the balance of the machine base to avoid the deviation of tea; Second, the clearance of multi slot plate should be from large to small from top to bottom, and the picking rate increases gradually with the decrease of clearance; Third, the feeding should be uniform to prevent excessive flow and overlapping of tea leaves

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