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What are the types of food packaging machinery

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there are many kinds and classification methods of packaging machinery. From different points of view, there can be many kinds, according to the product state, including liquid, block and granular packaging machines; According to the function of packaging, there are inner packaging and outer packaging machines; According to the packaging industry, there are food, daily chemical, textile and other packaging machines; According to the packaging station, there are single station and multi station packaging machines; According to the degree of automation, there are semi-automatic and full-automatic packaging machines
there are many classification methods for packaging machinery. Each classification method has its own characteristics and scope of application, but it has its limitations. From the general situation of packaging machinery in the world, the more scientific classification method is to classify according to its main functions, which can grasp the essence of things. Its basic classification is as follows:
folding filling machine
filling machine is a packaging machine that loads an accurate amount of packaging into various containers. The main types are:
① positive displacement filling machine. Including measuring cup type, intubation type, plunger type, material level type, screw type and timing filling machine
② weighing filling machine. Including intermittent weighing, continuous weighing, weighing centrifugal bisection and other filling machines
③ counting filling machine. Including single piece counting and multi piece counting filling machines
folding sealing machine
sealing machine is a machine for sealing containers filled with packaging. Its main types are:
① sealing machine without sealing material. Including hot pressing, cold pressing, fusion welding, plug-in, folding and other sealing machines
② sealing machine with sealing material. Including screwing type, rolling type, crimping type, crimping type and other sealing machines
③ sealing machine with auxiliary sealing material. Including tape type, adhesive type, nailing type, ligation type, suture type and other sealing machines
folding wrapping machine
wrapping machine is a packaging machine that uses flexible packaging materials to wrap all or part of the packaging materials. The main types are:
① full wrapping machine. Including twisting type, covering type, body fitting type, seam type and other wrapping machines
② semi wrapping machine. Including folding, shrinking, stretching, winding and other wrapping machines
folding multifunction
this kind of packaging machine has two or more functions. The main types are:
① filling and sealing machine. It has two functions: filling and sealing
② molding filling sealing machine. It has three functions: forming, filling and sealing. The types of molding include bag molding, bottle molding, box molding, Blister molding, melting molding, etc
③ setting filling and sealing machine. It has the functions of setting, filling and sealing. Setting method
④ double sided sealing machine. It can seal both the upper cover and the lower bottom at the same time. When sealing the box, the box can be placed on the side or vertically
folding classification
① type I sealing machine. It is sealed with a strip of adhesive tape at the outer hinge joint of the upper cover and the lower bottom of the box. This kind of sealing is simple to operate, but the sealing performance is poor
② H-type sealing machine. It is based on type I sealing box, that is, two tapes are added at both ends of type I sealing tape, which is shaped like h, so it is called type H. It can increase the strength and sealing performance of the box, but the cost is high
folding classification 2
① general sealing machine. It can adjust some mechanisms to change the relevant dimensions of the sealing machine to adapt to the sealing of boxes with various sizes and specifications. It has a wide range of application and is a commonly used sealing machine
② special sealing machine. It can only seal boxes of a certain specification and size. It has fast sealing speed and is suitable for mass sealing operations
③ random sealing machine. Within the specified size range, all relevant mechanisms can automatically change to meet the sealing needs of boxes of different sizes. It is a sealing machine with a high degree of automation.

according to their different functions, food packaging machines can be divided into bagging machines, wrapping machines, heat shrinkable packaging machines, vacuum and inflatable packaging machines, high-pressure cooking bag packaging machines, filling and filling machinery and equipment, etc

the general process flow of fruit juice production is as follows: raw material selection – Cleaning – crushing and juice extraction – coarse filtration – clarification and fine filtration – homogenization and degassing – concentration adjustment and mixing – packaging and sterilization. Select fresh, mature, good flavor, strong aroma, stable color, juicy and moderate acidity raw materials, and remove moldy and rotten fruits, pest fruits, immature fruits and impurities to ensure the quality of fruit juice. The fruit must be fully rinsed and washed. Care must be taken when cleaning berries. Sort the fruit
process flow of filling production line

pre deployment – water treatment – bottle blowing machine system (blowing, filling and spinning) aseptic cold filling system → conveying system → pet capping liquid level detector → water blowing machine → sleeve and shrinking machine → label detection → inkjet printer → wrapped packing machine → box inkjet → full box detection → robot stacker → product warehousing

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