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What do the packers and general workers in the packaging factory do?

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And what do the general workers in the electronics factory do
are all these jobs difficult? Do you have any academic requirements or work experience?

packers in the packaging factory:

are mainly responsible for packaging and packaging the processed products to make the products more attractive and increase sales

general worker of packaging factory:

mainly responsible for the processing and installation of product parts on the assembly line

general worker of Electronic Factory:

responsible for the installation of electronic products

expansion materials:

General Workers:

general workers, as the name suggests, ordinary workers. General workers refer to those who have basic skills and are competent for ordinary work. General workers’ manufacturing factories in the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta are used to refer to employees who do posts with low technical requirements on the production line

the salary level of general workers ranges from 2000 yuan to 3000 yuan, and some companies can reach more than 4000 yuan. Working hours are 10 to 12 hours, and overtime is sometimes required on Saturday and Sunday

the working environment of general workers is relatively poor. Some small companies do not have air conditioning in summer and have to engage in manual labor in a closed environment

general workers generally live in staff dormitories, which are generally more than 8 people

the life of ordinary workers is relatively monotonous. After work, they will spend in some restaurants, billiards rooms, KTV and other entertainment places between work and dormitory

generally, the way for general workers to find jobs is through the billboard at the gate of the industrial zone, the introduction of classmates or villagers, job fairs, human resources companies and other traditional ways. Therefore, there are few choices, and only companies near the workplace can be selected. The rise of mobile Internet has gradually popularized the Internet recruitment of general workers


Baidu Encyclopedia

the packer is mainly responsible for packaging and packing the processed products; Make the product more attractive and increase sales

general workers are mainly responsible for the processing and installation of product parts on the assembly line

expansion data:

the general worker of the electronics factory is responsible for the installation of electronic products

the specific contents of production management include: basic data maintenance, production plan maintenance, production order placement, material preparation, picking, feeding, material return, mold query, operation record, statistical man hours, production offline record, finished product statistics, making repair plan and report output

1. Basic data maintenance: the basic data of production management include product material composition, man hour quota, equipment information, production line information, operation information, etc. The system supports basic data query, printing, addition, modification, deletion and other operations

2. Product material: product material defines the material composition and consumption of each product

3. Man hour quota: man hour quota defines the standard man hour of each operation, which can be used for man hour statistics

4. Equipment information: equipment information records the basic information of various equipment, such as the name of the production line, equipment name, model, working status, responsible person, installation time, original value, depreciation life, depreciation method, net salvage value, etc., which can provide a basis for cost calculation

5. Production line information: the production line information records the basic information of each production line, such as production line number, production line name, corresponding process, installation location, etc

6. Operation information: the operation information defines the operation number, operation name and operation content of each operation

7. Mold library: the mold library is used to store mold information, such as mold number, name, specification, corresponding customer, etc., which can be queried at any time under a variety of conditions

8. Production plan maintenance: production plans come from sales management, production management itself and inventory management. Production plans are the basis for assigning production tasks. The system supports operations such as querying, printing, modifying, deleting, and adding production plans

9. Issue a production order: the production order is the first step in implementing the production plan. You can directly reference the production plan or fill it in manually
after the production order is confirmed, the system will automatically calculate the required materials according to the product material table and generate a material demand list

10. Production material preparation: production material preparation determines whether there is a shortage of inventory materials according to the material demand list

11. Production picking: after the material preparation is completed, the insufficient materials are waiting for purchase or production. The existing materials can be picked up first for production. Production can be carried out after production picking

12. Process feeding: process feeding is used to record the quantity of materials entering each process of the production line, and calculate the remaining quantity of materials according to the picking quantity

13. Operation material return: operation material return is used to return the multi picked or wrongly picked materials to the warehouse. After the material return document is confirmed, the materials are directly warehoused

14. Process record: process record is used to record each process of product production in detail, so as to understand the completion of products in time. The system supports operations such as querying, printing, adding, modifying, and deleting operation records

15. Man hour statistics: according to man hour quota, calculate and count the man hours of product production, so as to calculate workers’ wages

16. Make maintenance plan: the maintenance plan is used to make short-term, long-term and temporary maintenance plans for equipment, so as to timely, accurately and efficiently carry out necessary maintenance for equipment to ensure normal operation of equipment

17. Monthly production report: the monthly production report makes statistics on the use of materials in the current month. The statistical information includes: material name, unit, feeding quantity, consumption, waste quantity, material utilization rate (%), etc

there are many general carton workers! If it’s a small factory! General workers have to do everything! Packing, delivery, nailing and so on! But very tired! You can learn a lot! If it’s a big factory! General workers should be single! Follow the master! Not very tired, you can learn something!

generally, they are employees on the production line, mainly installing parts.

packers simply pack. General workers usually produce products on the assembly line because of different processes and different work contents in the enterprise The work of general workers is not difficult, but there are many mechanical operations, which will feel boring after a long time
the work is not tired, but the working hours are long and the salary is relatively low

General Workers in electronic factories usually work on the assembly line, such as warehouse, outer packaging, etc.

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