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What does the printing and packaging company do

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I found a factory where I went to work. It’s a company called printing and packaging Co., Ltd. what’s the printing and packaging? For the first time, I have no experience

I know a printing and packaging Co., Ltd., which mainly makes packaging boxes, trademarks, stickers and self-adhesive. If you work there, ordinary boys can open a printing press or do quality inspection, as well as the manual department and sticking boxes. Girls usually work in the handicraft department. If you’re applying to the office, that’s another matter.

Hello! I have been in Suzhou for 3 years Naturally, it is the work of an enterprise. I know a lot about packers and operators. Packers are very tired as long as they can bear hardships
. Operation is the general assembly line, which is naturally much lighter than the packaging There is no experience, no relationship..

Where do all the books
purchased in the bookstore
come from
is it from the printing factory?? Is the printing factory responsible for printing? For example, if
people give him a copy of
, they print 10000 copies of
to sell to
individual commercial households,
make money by this
Where did the family give the printing factory a
model book
provide the printing factory with the model book to be printed
what is
the company or what is it?
it’s not clear
how a book comes from,
start with raw materials

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