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What effect does bamboo charcoal bag have

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1. Purified air: it can absorb formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC, sulfur dioxide and other harmful substances released by indoor wood-based panels, coatings, paints, adhesives, insect repellents and so on. At the same time, it releases natural fenduojing to make the indoor and car air fresh and pleasant. Bamboo charcoal is also naturally called “air purifier without plug-in”

2. Release natural minerals: when bamboo grows, it absorbs minerals such as potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium, phosphorus and aluminum from the soil. After carbonization at high temperature, these minerals will be attached to the surface of porous bamboo charcoal

3. Release far infrared: bamboo charcoal will release far infrared with the reputation of “life light”, and its wavelength is between 8 and 14 microns. Far infrared ray can promote metabolism, increase body immunity and healing power, and has a certain auxiliary effect on arthritis and insomnia

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under the condition of high temperature in summer, the ability of bamboo charcoal to adsorb formaldehyde decreases significantly, but the rate of formaldehyde release increases greatly. According to Dr. Huang shaodan of the building environment testing center of Tsinghua University, formaldehyde molecules have strong activity ability at high temperature, so it is easy to get rid of the adsorption of activated carbon and run out. At low temperature, activated carbon has strong ability to adsorb formaldehyde, while at high temperature, it is relatively weak

therefore, when using bamboo charcoal, it is necessary to avoid placing it in a place with too high temperature, so as not to reduce its adsorption. For the bamboo charcoal that has been adsorbed and saturated, you can take it to the sun or take it to a place with good ventilation, blow it with an electric hair dryer, and regenerate the activated carbon with high temperature, so that its adsorption capacity can be restored

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recently, when I often complained to my aunt about the damp ground and the peculiar smell of the refrigerator, my aunt told me that she had a universal trick, but the premise was that if I was willing to help her move, she could consider telling me. Before I promised, my aunt pointed directly to the bamboo charcoal bag and said: it’s it. Looking at such a small bag of dark things, I really doubt that it was fooled. After checking on the Internet, I learned that it was really magical to return bamboo charcoal, mainly because bamboo charcoal bag has hard texture, good ventilation, good adsorption of formaldehyde, sulfur dioxide and other harmful substances, and can release natural minerals, promote plant growth and purify the air. Strong water absorption can alleviate the moisture factor in the air, deodorize and prevent mildew.
The first is to choose the appearance of charcoal bag. When we choose the appearance, we should not only look at the brand
We should also pay attention to the materials used for appearance packaging. Now any kind of activated carbon on the market is hard, but there will still be a small amount of debris. When selecting, pay attention to whether the non-woven fabric outside the carbon bag is damaged or whether bamboo charcoal leaks on the ventilation cloth. Avoid a large amount of bamboo charcoal overflow and pollution during use.
In addition, we should also note that when we choose bamboo charcoal, we should not only determine the quality of bamboo charcoal based on the price. First of all, find out where you want to use it. If you want to dispel the smell, bamboo charcoal is the best. Because it is mainly processed with high-quality green bamboo as raw material, bamboo charcoal is fine and porous with large specific surface area. If the surrounding environment is humid, it can absorb water. High quality bamboo charcoal bag can not only remove moisture and formaldehyde, but also contain rich minerals and release far-infrared rays. It can relieve fatigue. The bamboo charcoal with hard and fine quality has strong adsorption. Put it in the place with strong taste, which can quickly remove the taste. At the same time, the negative ions generated from bamboo charcoal can penetrate, relax nerves and eliminate fatigue. Indoors, negative ions generated from bamboo charcoal collide with particles in the air to make them charged. These charged particles are easy to adhere to walls, mirrors and floors to purify the air. It is worth noting that although the bamboo charcoal bag can adsorb formaldehyde, it will release the adsorbed formaldehyde because of too much moisture in the air after long use. Therefore, please pay attention to drying once every three months in the process of use to kill the formaldehyde and other harmful molecules in the bamboo charcoal for long-term use.

absorb peculiar smell and purify the air

one of the better activated carbon is coconut dimension carbon, which takes imported coconut shell as raw material and contains SOD, cellulase and graphene. At the same time, it is a new type of activated carbon containing photocatalyst, diatom mud and so on. Without secondary pollution, the adsorption and decomposition rate is faster.

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