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What effect does banana and honey of Chinese Academy of agricultural sciences have on bees

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What effect does banana essence and honey have on bees???

as the saying goes, “medicine and food have the same origin”, “medicine is better than food”. But tonic should also pay attention to science. According to the theory of the law of “five elements” and “health and grams” in traditional Chinese medicine, some foods cannot be eaten at the same time. If you eat, it’s best to have an interval of more than 2 hours

crab – Peach snail – agaric plum – duck egg sweet potato – Pomegranate foot fish – amaranth cucumber – mutton

crab – persimmon snail – corn plum – bird meat taro – Banana foot fish – celery cucumber – peanuts

crab – Orange snail – ice plum – mackerel bamboo shoots – Maltose free meat – celery honey – tofu

crab – ice snail – clam shrimp – Vitamin C eel – preserved egg beef – gentian honey – crucian carp

crab – peanut snail – pasta Shrimp – Golden melon turtle meat – Peach milk – raw fish licorice – pork

crab – cantaloupe dog meat – garlic scalp egg – brown sugar licorice – Carp milk – sour and vinegar food

crab – eggplant dog meat – mung bean egg – anti-inflammatory slice egg – saccharin

chicken celery “hurt vitality radish – fungus” dermatitis

beef – corn “will vomit spinach – tofu” should not be

mutton – watermelon “invade each other carrot – white radish” conflict

persimmon sweet potato gallstone tomato cucumber do not eat together

pork water chestnut liver aches radish fruit is bad for thyroid

goose egg damages the spleen and stomach banana taro stomach ache

onion honey hurts the eyes banana potato face spots

soy milk makes eggs not suitable for turtle or eel crab pregnant women should avoid

I. vegetables:
1. Carrot: it is strictly prohibited to eat with oranges, The same food is easy to suffer from goiter. Avoid eating with carrots and; Avoid Polygonum multiflorum and Rehmannia glutinosa; Avoid taking ginseng
2. Carrot: it should not be eaten the same as tomato, pepper, pomegranate, lettuce and papaya. It is best to eat alone or cook with meat
3. Sweet potato (sweet potato, sweet potato, sweet potato, sweet potato): it cannot be eaten with persimmon and banana
4. Cucumber: it should not be cooked the same as vegetables with high vitamin C content, such as tomatoes and peppers
5. Eggplant: it should not be eaten with black beans and crabs
6. Leek: it is not suitable to eat with spinach, which is easy to cause diarrhea
7. Pakchoi: do not eat the same as black beans, peanuts, soybeans, soapy vegetables and pork
8. Spinach: it is not suitable to eat with tofu. Eating with tofu is easy to cause calcium deficiency. Avoid leek
9. Pumpkin: it should not be eaten with vegetables and fruits containing vitamin C; Do not eat with mutton, otherwise it will cause jaundice and beriberi
10. Coriander: cannot be eaten with tonic; Avoid Atractylodes macrocephala and peony bark
11. Bitter vegetables: do not eat with honey
12. Pepper: avoid eating with goat liver and pumpkin
13. Celery: it should not be eaten with cucumber
14. Peanuts: they should not be eaten with bracken, hairy crab and cucumber
15. Tofu: do not eat with milk and spinach; Avoid making eggs with soybean milk; Avoid eating with tetracycline

II. Meat, poultry and eggs:

1. Pig blood: avoid soybeans, Rehmannia glutinosa and Polygonum multiflorum
2. Pig liver: avoid eating with soybeans, tofu, fish, bird, pheasant and quail
3. Pork: do not eat the same as quail, pigeon meat, crucian carp, water chestnut, soybean, bracken, Platycodon grandiflorum, black plum, lily, Croton, rhubarb, Coptis chinensis, beef, donkey meat and sheep liver
3. Mutton: avoid eating with tofu, buckwheat flour, cheese, pumpkin, vinegar, red beans and plum dried vegetables; Avoid copper and dansha
4. Pig brain marrow: it cannot be eaten with wine and salt, which will affect men’s sexual function
5. Chicken: the old chicken head is poisonous and cannot be eaten. Avoid eating with chrysanthemum, mustard, glutinous rice, plum, garlic, carp, turtle meat, shrimp and rabbit meat
6. Beef: it cannot be cooked with fish; Do not eat with chestnuts, millet and honey; Do not eat with leeks, Baijiu and ginger. Br> 7. Bovine liver: it should not be eaten with foods containing vitamin C; Avoid abalone and catfish
8. Duck meat: avoid fungus and walnut; It should not be eaten with turtle meat
9. Dog meat: avoid eating with mung beans, almonds, water chestnut, carp and loach; Avoid using tea; It should not be eaten with garlic
10. Goose: it should not be eaten with Yali pear
11. Eggs: avoid eating with persimmons; The same food can cause abdominal pain, diarrhea and easy to form persimmon stones; It should not be eaten with rabbit meat, carp and soybean milk

III. aquatic products:

1. Sea eel: it is not suitable to eat with ginkgo and licorice
2. Carp: avoid cinnabar and dog meat
3. Eel: avoid dog meat, dog blood and mustard; Cyan eel is toxic, yellow eel is non-toxic, and 250 grams of toxic eel at a time can be fatal
4. Kelp; It should not be eaten with licorice
5. Loach: it is not suitable to eat with dog meat
6. Herring: avoid frying with beef and mutton oil; Avoid eating with mustard, Atractylodes macrocephala and Atractylodes macrocephala
7. Hairtail and yellow croaker: it is forbidden to fry with beef and mutton oil; Licorice is forbidden for all seafood
8. Shrimp: it is forbidden to take a large amount of vitamin C at the same time, otherwise it can produce trivalent arsenic and be fatal. It is not suitable to eat with pork, which will damage the essence; Avoid eating with dogs and chicken; Avoid sugar

IV. fruits:

1. Dates: do not eat with seafood, otherwise it will cause pain in the waist and abdomen; Do not eat with scallions, otherwise it will cause disharmony of viscera and swelling of head
2. Peaches: should not be eaten with turtle meat and turtle meat
3. Mango: it should not be eaten with garlic and other spices
4. Yali Pear: avoid goose and crab; Avoid eating more; Avoid greasy, hot and cold foods
5. Hawthorn: it should not be eaten with seafood and fish
6. Pomegranate: avoid taking ginseng
7. Grapes: avoid eating with tetracycline
8. Apple: it should not be eaten with seafood
9. Banana: it is not suitable to eat with sweet potato
10. Persimmon: it is forbidden to eat with crab and otter meat; Abdominal pain and diarrhea after eating together; Avoid eating with sweet potato and wine
11. Myrica rubra: avoid green onions; It is not suitable to eat with mutton tripe and eel,
12. Citrus: avoid eating with crab
13. Apricot: avoid eating with millet, otherwise it will make you vomit
14. Oranges: avoid eating with carrots, which can induce goiter; Avoid eating with milk, crab and clam
15. Ginkgo biloba: it is strictly forbidden to eat more. About 10 can be fatal for infants, and 30-40 can be fatal for children aged three or five; Do not eat with fish. The same food will produce biochemical reactions that are not conducive to the human body, especially for children

v. cereals:

1. Soybeans: it is not suitable to eat with pig blood and bracken; Avoid taking tetracycline
2. Rice (stem rice): it cannot be eaten with horse meat; Do not eat with Xanthium sibiricum
3. Millet: do not eat it with apricots. Eating it with apricots is easy to cause vomiting and diarrhea; Those with qi stagnation should not use it
4. Mung bean: it should not be eaten with dog meat and Torreya grandis
5. Black beans: avoid eating with Magnolia officinalis, Castor seeds and tetracycline
6. Red beans: do not cook with rice, and it will cause mouth sores when eating; It is not suitable to eat with mutton; Snake bite, avoid eating within 100 days; Avoid polyuria

VI. spices and drinks:

1. Garlic: generally not eaten with tonics; Avoid honey, Rehmannia gl
utinosa, Polygonum multiflorum and peony bark
2. Scallion: it is not suitable to eat with red bayberry and honey, which is easy to cause chest tightness; Avoid jujube, Changshan and Rehmannia glutinosa
3. Alcohol: avoid drinking with soda, beer, coffee, milk, tea and sugar, otherwise it will cause serious damage to gastrointestinal, liver and kidney organs; It should not be eaten with beef and persimmon
4. Vinegar: avoid Salvia miltiorrhiza and poria cocos, and should not be eaten with sea cucumber, mutton and milk powder; Avoid geckos, which can be fatal
5. Avoid sugar and shrimp. Do not cook with bamboo shoots; It is not suitable to eat with milk and food containing copper
6. Honey should not be eaten with onions, garlic, leeks, lettuce and tofu, otherwise it is easy to cause diarrhea; Avoid Rehmannia glutinosa and Polygonum multiflorum
7. Tea: when anemia patients take iron, do not drink tea; It is not suitable to eat with dog meat; Avoid taking nourishing drugs such as ginseng
9. Pepper: avoid windbreak, aconite and butterbur
8. Milk: ⑴ avoid adding calcium powder in milk; (2) do not use milk to make eggs; (3) it is not suitable to eat with acidic drinks; (4) do not eat with sugar; (5) it should not be the same as chocolate

XiangShengXiangKe said that food matching

in daily life, not all foods can be eaten at the same time. “Proper collocation can benefit the body, while improper collocation can lead to illness”. In other words, there are times when food is “mutually exclusive”

tannic acid is similar to protein. If you eat grapes, hawthorn, pomegranate, persimmon and other fruits while eating seafood, you will have symptoms such as vomiting, abdominal distention, abdominal pain and diarrhea. Because these fruits contain tannic acid, tannic acid will solidify and precipitate when it meets the protein in seafood, forming substances that are not easy to digest. Therefore, people should eat this kind of fruit every 4 hours or more after eating seafood. It’s also true that you don’t drink tea immediately after eating meat

cellulose, oxalic acid and iron are rich in iron in animal liver, egg yolk and soybean. They cannot be eaten with celery, radish and sweet potato with more cellulose, nor with water spinach, amaranth and spinach with more oxalic acid. Because both cellulose and oxalic acid will affect the absorption of iron in the above foods

protein and sugar are similar. Lysine and sugar in milk will react at high temperature and destroy amino acids. It is also true that eggs and sugar should not be boiled together. However, this problem will not occur if the milk is boiled, the eggs are boiled, dried for a while, and then sugar is added

carotene is compatible with acetic acid. When frying carrots, avoid vinegar because acetic acid will destroy carotene. Similarly, don’t fry potherb mustard, spinach and rape with vinegar, which are rich in carotene

oxalic acid and calcium and magnesium are mutually exclusive. Tofu should not be eaten with spinach. Tofu contains magnesium chloride and calcium sulfate, while spinach contains oxalic acid. When the two foods meet, they can produce Magnesium Oxalate and calcium oxalate. These two white precipitates cannot be absorbed by the human body, which not only affects the human body’s absorption of calcium, but also easily induces lithiasis

Zhang Xuejie, associate researcher of the Institute of vegetables and flowers, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, recommended suitable food

five grains and red dates, which is better than spirit grass; Refined grain meets the taste, while coarse grain moistens the stomach; Tofu with kelp, often eat to eliminate harm

cabbage and radish soup, longevity and health; Heart deficiency and Qi deficiency, longan rice cooked; Thirsty and irritable, porridge with kiwi fruit

when eating, we should pay attention to food matching. With people’s attention to health, the nutritional level of food is paid more and more attention, but most people are often concerned about the nutrition of a single food, such as “beans can tonify the kidney” and “eating more balsam pear can reduce blood sugar”. Lu Chunjing, chairman of the nutrition branch of the Chinese Medical Association, told reporters that from the perspective of modern nutritional science, two or more kinds of food, If the combination is reasonable, it will play a complementary and complementary role in nutrition and give full play to its maximum effect on human health care. However, this has been ignored for a long time
modern nutrition: pay attention to the complementarity of nutrients
“the ‘scrambled eggs with Tomatoes’ we often eat is actually one of the most successful examples of food matching,” Wang Yi, director of the food therapy and Nutrition Department of Guang’anmen Hospital, Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese medicine, told reporters, “Because eggs are rich in protein and various vitamins, such as B vitamins, niacin, lecithin, etc., but they are only lack of vitamin C. tomatoes contain a lot of vitamin C

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