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What equipment do you need to open a cosmetics factory

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cosmetics factory is to see whether it is a
or color make-up. If you do eye shadow, powder, lipstick, mascara and so on, you need to powder, powder press, lipstick filling machine, etc.

the equipment for cream, cream and milk cosmetics are basically these: Vacuum homogenizing emulsifying machine, homogenizing mixer, liquid filling machine, cream filling machine, colloid filling machine, filling and sealing machine, labeling machine, packaging machine, film covering machine, RO reverse osmosis water treatment, stainless steel storage tank, conveyor belt

cosmetic equipment

are you from the cosmetics industry? If a layman does this, he will pay more. A layman in the cosmetics industry can’t do it

there are many aspects of cosmetics, including washing, skin care, make-up and other machines and equipment, and the required certificates are also different. You can customize the equipment according to your own requirements.

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