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What gifts should I bring to my family when traveling in Inner Mongolia

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when you travel to Mongolia, you usually buy some local delicacies that are easy to carry and share them with your family at home; But in addition to food, there are more things worth taking away. Use the camera to keep the blue sky, grassland, desert and local customs of greater Inner Mongolia, and use some local tourism crafts to help you remember the Inner Mongolia you have been to

tourist souvenirs with ethnic characteristics in Inner Mongolia
grassland characteristic musical instrument Matouqin pendant
a Matouqin music will make you fall in love with it, but what if you can’t play the Matouqin? Choose Rongchao’s melodious Matouqin pendant, small and exquisite, which will bring you aftertaste of the famous Matouqin music you’ve heard in Inner Mongolia

Inner Mongolia headgear ornaments

Inner Mongolia Rongchao headgear ornaments

Inner Mongolia classic saddle ornaments
when it comes to Inner Mongolia, the first feeling is the prairie, and the second feeling is the scene of urging the horse to whip and run forward; Horses can’t be taken away, but horse cultural products can be given to family and friends

Inner Mongolia tourist souvenir carved saddle

Inner Mongolia gift saddle pendant USB flash disk

let me travel to Inner Mongolia. I feel that dairy products, meat products, silver jewelry, cowhide products and cashmere products have Mongolian characteristics

of course, it’s a specialty of Inner Mongolia. There are beef jerky milk wine, Mongolian clothing accessories and so on

beef jerky is easy to carry and tastes super

milk tofu. Fresh ones are not easy to carry. You can buy vacuum packaged

horse milk wine in the supermarket, which is easy to carry. This wine tastes milk, but it has great stamina.

food: beef jerky, which can be bought in bulk on the streets of Inner Mongolia, is relatively cheap. In fact, its taste is no worse than that of vacuum packaging. Cheese is generally available in beef jerky shops. You can taste it if you think the taste is suitable (generally, cheese is popular. My foreign students bring it every time they go home) The taste of milk tea powder is salty. Northerners should be able to accept it. They can cook it with beef jerky at home. Southerners may like it sweet. You can taste it in Mongolian restaurant and then decide on the Shabu Shabu sauce of little fat sheep (available in supermarkets) It’s authentic to cook hot pot at home
what to wear: cashmere sweater Ordos is definitely a first-class gift. You can give cashmere pants to the elderly, so you don’t have to buy brands. Many in Inner Mongolia are also good for the elderly

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