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What if the down jacket is crumpled? How to clean down jacket?

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if the down jacket becomes wrinkled due to pressing the bottom of the box, in fact, it just needs to be patted. There are also many tips on how to shoot. For example, hold the hem of the clothes, make the collar face down, shake a few times, and then shoot a few times in the opposite direction. Put the clothes on the hanger, hold the clothes sleeve in one hand and the position of the shoulder blade in the other hand, so that the down in the clothes can be shaken in multiple positions as far as possible

if you want to clean down clothes, you can actually send them to the dry cleaner. For the loss of clothes caused by stirring in the washing machine, dry cleaning is really not expensive. Recommend to go to some dry cleaners with large stores, or through friends. Don’t choose those small stores. The level of thanks is really endless. A friend suffered so much that he almost couldn’t get his clothes. It’s really angry

the students’ down jacket with hundreds of yuan is less than 1000, because they wash it frequently. Generally, they add some detergent in the washing machine, dissolve the detergent with hot water, and then pour it into the washing machine, which can be washed in dozens of minutes. If the clothes run badly, don’t put them in the washing machine. Hand washing is OK. Remember to pat more after washing, in multiple directions

if the down jacket is wrinkled, you should choose to clean it again. Otherwise, there is no way to remove the wrinkle. If the wrinkle is still relatively easy to wash, you can only wash it with water. Wash it by hand. Rinse both sides back and forth in the water with a large basin, and then dry it with a special laundry bag. Shake the clothes well before drying, This will not easily wrinkle

if it’s a daily down jacket cleaning, we’d better not take it to the dry cleaning shop, or we should take it to the regular shop for cleaning, because the dry cleaning shop here is very poor, so I choose to wash it by hand

the down jacket is not easy to wash, so you should choose to wash it with soap, because it is not easy to rinse it with other washing books. If the rinsing is not clean, there will be marks, but if you wash it with soap, there will be no marks. My mother taught me this. She washed her white down jacket in the same way when she used to wash it. There is no mark at all, so it is easy to wash it

when drying, put it in a special laundry bag and shake it hard to avoid wrinkles

let me introduce some ways to care for down jacket

first of all, the down jacket can’t be washed. In fact, compared with dry cleaning, I recommend washing. Because the dry cleaning agent in the dry cleaning shop is actually not good for the human body, while the water cleaning is to wash both inside and outside, which is more reliable

when buying down jacket, if you pay attention to the compact fabric of down jacket, you don’t need to worry about the problem of lint leakage. You can also wash it with less water, and adopt some environmentally friendly and immediate cleaning methods, such as pen washing machine, portable stain removal pen, etc

secondly, if the down jacket is wrinkled, it is not a big problem. Now there are many clothes that are free of ironing and smell spray. I have a bottle at home, which is specially used for coats and so on. When these sprays are sprayed, the dryers will dry up the fabric with a lot of wrinkles, and some of them will also have anti-static functions. Although it is impossible to prevent static electricity, it is also a kind of protection for our body. p>

if it is a T-shirt, it can even be dried after spraying water, which can remove most of the wrinkles and make our dressing effect smooth

if it means that the down jacket that has been pressed for a long time has lost its elasticity, we can take it to a ventilated and sunny place. Be careful not to expose it to the sun, which will make the down lose its elasticity. At the same time of ventilation and drying, gently pat the surface of the clothes with a clothes hanger, which will make the air enter into the clothes, support the down, become fluffy and full, and the thermal insulation will be restored

when washing down clothes, it should be noted that a bottle of cap vinegar can be added at the last time of washing, or softener can be used to eliminate the possible water stains caused by uneven drying of clothes. Softeners can also help us reduce static electricity in winter

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