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What if the down jacket is wrinkled?

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My down jacket has been stacked for about a year. I took it out and put it up with a clothes hanger two days ago. Up to now, it is still very wrinkled. What should I do

what should I do if my down jacket is wrinkled? Pat it to make it hurt, or wash it first, then put it in the sun, and then pat it with your hand.

if the down jacket is wrinkled, you can take it to the sun for a good exposure. Knock it with a stick and wait until the down is unfolded

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The best way to wash down clothes is to twist it with your hands. Let it dry naturally. If it’s wrinkled, you can iron it with an iron. Note that the temperature should be between 180-220 ℃

 method 2: down jacket fabrics are generally nylon or polyester, which may be more compact and soft. There is no need to worry about wrinkle washing at all. Even if it's a little wrinkled after washing, just hang it for a day or two. Try not to wring out the water when washing, so as to avoid wrinkles

 method 3: just iron it with a steam iron (remember: it can only be a steam iron!) It must work, because I sell down jackets If you don't have a steam iron, you can iron it in the down jacket processing shop

 even if the down jacket is wrinkled, we can still solve it. Scald it with steam. If there is no steam iron, you can use a cup full of boiling water instead of ironing. The temperature is generally between 180-200. Down jacket fabric is mostly brocade taffeta (also known as nylon silk), and this material can not be ironed with an electric iron, so what if the clothes wrinkle? You can choose a large enamel jar, fill it with boiling water, and then iron it with a layer of white cloth (the white cloth should be kept wet) on the down jacket. In this way, ironing will not damage the fabric, but also avoid light marks on the surface of down jacket

 I hope my answer is helpful to you. Thank you 

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just iron the down jacket with an iron, or you can wash it again, flatten it and dry it

if you return this kind of meat after putting down your down jacket, I suggest you can simply scald it with exercise.

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