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What is a double chamber vacuum packaging machine?

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working process: first close the cover, and the vacuum pump extracts air from the working room. When the predetermined vacuum degree is reached, the vacuum pump stops working, the pressurizing valve opens, the air bag inflates, the pressure strip presses down on the sealing place, and at the same time, it is powered on and heated. After the packaging bag is sealed, the air release valve is powered on and opened, and the automatic air release and cover opening completes a working cycle.

the double chamber vacuum packaging machine is especially suitable for the vacuum packaging of precision accessories such as food, hardware and electronic products, so as to prevent oxidative deterioration and prolong the shelf life. Vacuumizing while packaging food has achieved the goal of preventing a series of problems such as deterioration and corruption of food. We can understand haoen osora in detail and hope to help you.

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