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What is a fully automatic bronzing machine? What are the advantages of a manual bronzing machine

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from the name, there is a different level between “fully automatic” and “manual”. The fully automatic bronzing machine adds digital control operation on the basis of the manual bronzing machine, so as to get rid of the production mode of manual operation, improve the production speed and reduce the unnecessary waste caused by human factors in the production process. Greatly reduce production costs. Compared with manual bronzing machine, automatic bronzing machine is quite expensive
the full-automatic bronzing machine is a new type of hydraulic bronzing equipment designed and developed to meet the needs of the printing industry for bronzing. It is also a full-automatic and hydraulically driven bronzing machine. In addition, the machine has the advantages of high pressure, low noise, automatic conveying of electrochemical aluminum, arbitrary adjustment of up and down travel, good stability, large door width and simple operation. Therefore, it is suitable for all printing plants Individual bronzing households process and print all kinds of exquisite paper, desk calendar, wall calendar, invitation card, shoe box, leather, plastic, cloth and other handicrafts. Due to the wide application of this machine, it is also a necessary equipment for printing, packaging, shoe leather and other industries
the bronzing machine is characterized by the use of flat heating plate, combined with silica gel, flat ironing and embossing. The equipment can also adjust the up and down stroke, running speed and bronzing temperature. The walking workbench structure of the equipment can make the hot stamping process safer. The use of anti-corrosion finish paint can be permanently preserved without rust. The reasonable design of the equipment can greatly reduce the weight of the machine on the basis of improving the hot stamping quality. The bronzing machine is also a special equipment for pressing all kinds of paperboard, leather, plastic and other products. It is mainly suitable for anodized hot stamping on all kinds of paper, and can also be used for die cutting and indentation of all kinds of cartons. All kinds of high-grade and fine printed materials can be hot stamped on this machine, which can obtain three-dimensional, exquisite and beautiful packaging and decoration products
moreover, the machine is controlled by a single-chip microprogram. Our aluminum foil roller is driven by a stepping motor. Our users can use two or three groups of stepping motors at the same time, and set the length and skip parameters of aluminum foil according to different sizes of printed foil. In this way, the most effective utilization of aluminum foil can be realized, and the operation and maintenance of the whole equipment is convenient, The performance is also relatively stable and reliable.

the full-automatic bronzing machine has fast speed and stable quality. It is suitable for batch bronzing

the manual bronzing machine is tired in one word and is suitable for small-scale production

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the advantages are quantifiable, uniform and fast

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