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What is a pasteurizer like? Is it tubular? Can you describe it in detail? Hurry!

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1. Sterilization equipment
pasteurizer, pasteurization assembly line, continuous cooking machine (blanching machine), roller type pasteurizer, flexible packaging pasteurizer, heat exchanger sterilizer, spray type continuous sterilizer, pickle and pickle sterilizer, low-temperature meat product sterilizer
2. Drying equipment
turnover air dryer, strong current air dryer,
3 Cleaning equipment
steam bath cleaning machine, hair impurity removing machine, steam bath cleaning impurity removing machine, steam bath brush cleaning machine, barrel type brush machine,
4 Conveying equipment
lifting conveyor, conveyor belt
5 Pumps and vacuum equipment
small vacuum dough mixing machine, large vacuum dough mixing machine, vacuum flavoring machine, vacuum storage cabinet, vacuum packaging machine
6 Packaging equipment; Automatic packaging machine, vacuum nitrogen filling packaging machine, DZ series vacuum packaging machine,
external pumping vacuum packaging machine, inclined vacuum packaging machine, single vacuum packaging machine,
pasteurization machine
the whole machine is made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel, and the sterilization temperature and speed can be set according to the process requirements. The machine has the advantages of stable operation, low noise, high strength of stainless steel mesh belt, small flexibility, not easy to deform and easy maintenance. It completely solves the “randomness” caused by the low degree of automation in the sterilization process, strengthens the “consistency”, and greatly improves the success rate of sterilization
various types of low-temperature meat products sterilization, ham sausage sterilization, sausage sterilization, canned fruit sterilization, fruit juice beverage sterilization, vegetable juice beverage sterilization, pickle sterilization, pickle sterilization, pickle sterilization, sauce sterilization, big root sterilization, pickle sterilization, mustard sterilization, wild vegetable sterilization, jam sterilization, jelly sterilization, bean products sterilization, yogurt sterilization Sterilization of vacuum soft packaged food, soft bottle packaging materials, pickles, pickles, jam and canned packaging materials such as dairy products sterilization and canned sterilization. The machine is also suitable for blanching or pre boiling of fruits, wild vegetables and other special fruits and vegetables
processing capacity: 200kg /h 500kg /h 800kg /h 1000kg /h 1500kg /h 2000kg /h 6000kg /h
hot water temperature: Max 100 ℃
sterilization tank size: depending on the equipment
sterilization time: 9-40min
total power: depending on the equipment
steam consumption: depending on the equipment
external size: depending on the equipment
various models of largest, medium and small-sized products can be designed and manufactured according to different needs Low temperature pasteurizer, pasteurizer and its assembly line equipment
the machine is also suitable for blanching or precooking of fruits and vegetables
this machine is suitable for the sterilization of soft packaged vegetable products, the secondary sterilization of low-temperature meat products after packaging, as well as the sterilization of bottled food, beverage and vegetable blanching.

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