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What is column packaging? What is the main work of column packaging? solve

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you can first go to the [draw Xueba] website to find the [free] video tutorial in the “C4d /AE /film and television post packaging” section – [Click to enter] complete introduction to proficient video tutorial list: /course //? Zdhhr-11y04r-

among the training institutions in the field of “C4d /AE /film and television post packaging”, Wang’s education is the largest in China, and there are no affiliated campuses. They are all chain campuses directly operated by the headquarters. Unlike many other large institutions of the same type, Wang’s education is taught face-to-face in each campus. The teachers teach hand-in-hand, and there are special head teachers who stare from morning to night. The liver explosion learning mode will improve quickly, which is especially suitable for students with poor foundation

you can download the [huaxueba] app to your mobile phone first to facilitate fragment time learning – huaxueba app Download: /scripts /download

TV packaging has become one of the most commonly used concepts in TV stations, TV program companies and advertising companies. When it comes to packaging, everyone seems to know its meaning, but few people have made more in-depth research and Discussion on the definition, connotation and extension of TV packaging and its role. In fact, packaging is a borrowed word. Packaging in the general sense refers to the packaging of products. The reason why the packaging is used on the TV is that the packaging of the product has something in common with the packaging of the TV. Its definition is to standardize and strengthen the overall image of TV programs, columns, channels and even TV stations. These external formal elements include sound (language, sound, music, sound effect, etc.), image (fixed picture, moving picture, animation), color and other elements
the packaging of TV programs, columns and channels can play the following roles: highlight the personality and characteristics of their own programs, columns and channels; Establish and enhance the audience’s ability to identify their own programs, columns and channels; Establish the brand status of their own programs, columns and channels; Integrate the form of packaging with programs, columns and channels into an organic part; The packaging of good programs, columns and channels can be pleasing to the eye. They are exquisite works of art
three responsibilities of column packaging:
1. Image logo. Regardless of the program, column and channel, there is a CI image design, that is, the most basic image logo, which is the element of packaging. In different cases, there are various changes in image signs, but the elements of “packaging” are generally relatively stable. The image logo of the channel is generally displayed on the corner sign and the falling frame at the end of the program. For example, the earliest image sign of CCTV is the change track of electronic graphics. A good image logo design can make people never forget, deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and enable the audience to quickly judge what program, channel and station they are watching, so that the audience can catch the program they want to watch at once. Therefore, image logo design is very important for TV packaging. The most commonly used image signs are placed in the upper left corner of the TV screen, and can also be used in the packaging promotional film of the channel and scrolled in the channel. Because the image logo of any station has the highest frequency, the greatest impact and influence, and can promote and strengthen the channel, on the one hand, it can enhance the sense of paragraph and rhythm of the program or column, and at the same time, it can integrate irrelevant programs or columns under a unified logo to enhance the integrity of the channel. In TV packaging, we should focus on the design and production of image signs. Its basic requirements are eye-catching, concise, prominent characteristics and a sense of the times. It would be better if local stations or professional channels could reflect some local or professional characteristics
2. Color. Determine the main color of the package according to the positioning of channels, columns and programs. The main tone may be monochrome or composite. For example, CCTV one is a comprehensive news channel, so its main color is blue, highlighting a calm and objective image; CNN is basically blue tone; Literary and artistic channels and columns are generally warm colors with relatively bright colors; Phoenix platform takes bright yellow as its main color; The life channel recently launched by Beijing Cable TV is based on light blue and light yellow. It advocates pure silence and fashion, and is based on urban audiences and young audiences. Therefore, color design is one of the basic elements of TV packaging. Its basic requirements should be color coordination, bright and eye-catching, but not dazzling. It can be consistent with the tone of the whole program, column or channel, and can be consistent with or effectively supplemented with the style of the program, column and channel
3. Sound. Sound includes language, music, sound, sound effects and other elements. Sound plays a very prominent role in TV packaging. In a good TV package, music should be organically integrated with image design and color matching. Without seeing the picture, the audience can judge what channel and what column it is. As soon as you hear it, you will feel cordial and make the audience feel that their close friends are calling themselves. To achieve this, first, the design should conform to the channel or column positioning, and strive to achieve high quality; The second is to maintain relative long-term and stability, because time can cultivate the audience and finally shape the image and brand of sound
good TV columns and music images of the channel should also pay attention to regional, ethnic and cultural characteristics, and pay attention to absorbing the essence of music that has been circulating for many years. In particular, we should pay attention to the unity of the rhythm of the sound and its own program, channel style and rhythm. The melody shall be as concise as possible, and strive to keep it in mind. It is often heard and new
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