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What is packaging anti-counterfeiting technology?

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use anti-counterfeiting warranty card, anti-counterfeiting certificate, anti-counterfeiting customer service card, anti-counterfeiting authorization, anti-counterfeiting instructions, anti-counterfeiting installation guide, anti-counterfeiting installation agreement, etc. Such as the watermark paper manual of Lijunsha of Xi’an pharmaceutical factory, the watermark paper manual of Jiaotong University ANGLI oral liquid, the software customer service card of whist technology company, the software use authorization of Guanqun Jinchen software company, etc. At the same time, the anti-counterfeiting labels that will be made for anti-counterfeiting technology have been widely used in various industries and won a good reputation. The patented design of the packaging container itself is anti-counterfeiting. Ensure that the two-dimensional code is printed outside the container and queried through online scanning. For example, robust cyclone cover and Jiugui Liquor are also directly designed for anti-counterfeiting on the bottle body and bottle mouth

disposable anti fake packaging structure: many Baijiu manufacturers often use disposable anti fake packaging structure in order to prevent illegal elements from drinking old bottles into inferior wine and harming consumers, such as destructive wine boxes for external packaging, disposable anti counterfeiting bottles, breaking type, twist type anti-theft cover, disposable plastic seal, etc. Packaging of password preparation: the packaging technology of password preparation is an anti-counterfeiting technology integrating mechanical password combination and digital identification. For the packaging of password preparation, one-to-one corresponding commodity ID code and anti-counterfeiting code can be used to realize two-way authentication. After unpacking, the two codes are automatically separated, so that the anti-counterfeiting identification of the goods not queried cannot be transferred. The two codes are randomly evolved and have no correlation with each other. Knowing a pair of anti-counterfeiting codes is not helpful to crack other corresponding anti-counterfeiting codes

at present, there are two ways of anti-counterfeiting packaging. The label is directly pasted on the packaging and integrated with the packaging, that is, the integration of anti-counterfeiting packaging. There are various anti-counterfeiting technologies for anti-counterfeiting packaging. The way of anti-counterfeiting packaging from the initial “paste” (with anti-counterfeiting logo) is changing to the direction of anti-counterfeiting of packaging materials and anti-counterfeiting printing of packaging design. The anti-counterfeiting methods of packaging mainly include: adding anti-counterfeiting labels on the packaging box. The anti-counterfeiting marks on the packaging box include laser holographic anti-counterfeiting marks, anti-counterfeiting marks printed with various anti-counterfeiting inks, fluorescent anti-counterfeiting marks, thermal anti-counterfeiting marks, telephone anti-counterfeiting code marks, etc. almost all marks and labels with anti-counterfeiting functions are applied in the packaging. New technologies will be developed for anti-counterfeiting technology, such as multi spectral anti-counterfeiting, element two-dimensional code Smart code anti-counterfeiting, application and anti-counterfeiting packaging greatly improve the anti-counterfeiting of packaging. The packing box shall be sealed with anti-counterfeiting and anti stripping seals. It is also a kind of packaging anti-counterfeiting method to attach anti stripping seal on the packaging box, such as the sealing belt of EMS of domestic express mail, the sealing belt of robust, the sealing label of Tsinghua Tongfang computer, the sealing label of the packaging box of China’s sports lottery issuing equipment, etc., which will launch a new “child and mother anti-counterfeiting” technology for anti-counterfeiting technology under the idea of traditional sealing, Make the anti-counterfeiting performance further. The packaging box is sealed with laser holographic film. The laser holographic film of large-scale printed anti-counterfeiting holographic image or general special image is used as the packaging material, or is compounded on the paper surface, such as Philips bulb packaging, Unilever Colgate toothpaste, Epson ink cartridge packaging, etc. The contents of the packing box are anti-counterfeiting

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