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What is pillow packing?

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our automatic pillow packaging machine is suitable for the packaging of various solid products, such as food (instant noodles, bread, hamburgers, biscuits, ice cream, frozen food), daily necessities (soap, napkin), hardware accessories, mechanical parts (bearings), rubber products (tires), etc
technical parameters:
packaging film thickness: 5-60mm
packaging speed: 60-200 bags /min
bag making size: 70-300mm long, 20-120mm wide and 5-60mm high
power supply: 220V /3KW
overall size: 4200mm long, 1500mm wide and 850mm high
weight: 800kg
principle and features:
a. the specially made adjustable bag maker can better meet the current packaging requirements of multiple varieties and specifications
B. differential feeding mode enables the machine to easily adjust the feeding position during operation
C. microcomputer packaging controller, excellent man-machine dialogue mode, so that the speed, bag length and tangent position detection can be directly displayed on the interface
D. sliding cross seal mechanism, the center height of the cross seal can be adjusted up and down arbitrarily
E. color code detector to make the color code detection more accurate. Reticulate, straight and vertical seals are optional
F. variable frequency speed regulation, convenient and simple

there are many styles of Tianxuan pillow automatic packaging machine in Zhongshan City. It is suitable for soft, strip and bulk packaging such as towel, paper towel, vermicelli, soft candy and so on. It is also suitable for long strip packaging such as steel pipe, aluminum pipe and PVC plastic pipe.

pillow packaging has many characteristics, such as moderate volume, compact structure, high packaging speed, stable operation and convenient operation. The finished packaging has beautiful and generous appearance, and the horizontal and vertical sealing lines are clean and clear. It is suitable for the internal and external packaging of geometric items such as steamed bread, biscuits, instant noodles, ice cream, chocolate and soap. It is widely used in food, chemical industry, daily necessities, medicine and other industries.

pillow type, that is, rectangle, also known as rectangle. Here is pillow type packaging:

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