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What is the best factory in Suzhou?

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I want to find a factory, but I don’t know what factory is good
don’t pay too much! Just pay well!

Lion Nathan Beer & amp; beverage (Suzhou) Co., Ltd; Beverage NZ
Nabisco Food USA
Pokka four seas Jap
Jinying food HK
Canadian Royal food industrial Canada
Sodexo catering France
Weiyi food (Suzhou) Rich procts USA
Xinsu industrial plant (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Xinsu instrial sin
Biji Environmental Engineering (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. P & amp; G sin
gasin property sin of Jiaxin Suzhou real estate development Co., Ltd.
Huarun HK of China Resources Supermarket (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
Ke steam sin of Keppel Engineering (Suzhou) heating Co., Ltd.
SIP power sin of Suzhou Industrial Park Power Generation Co., Ltd.
M C beverage packaging sin of Suzhou Meite beverage container Co., Ltd.
Hollis wire assembly (Suzhou) Alex cable assembly UK
Suzhou Industrial Park Asia Pacific paper sin fin
Suzhou comfort taxi sin
Suzhou Singapore International School SIN
Suzhou Industrial Park Asia Pacific paper products Indonesia
Lion City Packaging & amp; Labelling sin
Golden Hongye paper India
glamox lighting Norway
Golden Huasheng paper India
Adidas ger
ITW processes USA
Suzhou elegant office equipment Co., Ltd. Suzhou Adsale office TW
Lilly (Suzhou) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Lily USA
Suzhou bidi Medical Devices Co., Ltd. Becton Dickinson medical devices USA
Lexton hearing systems UK
daito OSIM Jap
Suzhou Baite Medical Products Co., Ltd. Baxter USA
Glaxo Wellcome UK
xuelannuo (Suzhou) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Serono ch
Beckman Coulter systems (Suzhou) Co., Ltd, Ltd. USA
sister sanitary products (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. jeje hygienic products Jap
Suzhou Industrial Park health clinic Co., Ltd. SIP Medical Center sin
Suzhou Laiya Cosmetics Co., Ltd. real beauty products fre
Sumitomo bakelite Jap of Suzhou Sumitomo bakelite Co., Ltd.
BOC Keppel industrial gases UK
tewitt Pacific coating (SIP) Dryvit Pacific coating systems (SIP) USA
SIP Huaneng Amoco clean energy USA
Suzhou Industrial Park shell gas Holland
chemfab USA
millipore filter USA
Vesuvius advanced ceramics (Suzhou) Vesuvius advanced ceramics UK
Erlu optics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. II-VI optics sin
Eka chemicals Sweden
Aoqi chemicals (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. arch chemicals USA
RI synthetic plastics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. instries HK
ramatex knitting and dying Malay
first engineering precision mold plastics (Suzhou) First precision model & amp; Plastic SIN

for example, Hitachi, Youda, Chaowei semiconductor, American National Semiconductor and Nokia are very good, but they rarely recruit people because they have good welfare. L’Oreal, scarlet leaf and nabesk are all OK.

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 Hello, 1. Suzhou Samsung factory 

 located in Suzhou Industrial Park, electronic processing, including Samsung LCD, Samsung computer, etc. the treatment is basically the same. The basic salary of general workers is 2400 and the salary after overtime is 4000-5000. It is recommended to enter through the talent market

 2. Guoju electronic component factory 

 it is located in Suzhou New Area, with component electronic processing and general worker salary of 2200

 3. ASUS Suzhou 

 it is mainly used for mobile phone data lines and mobile phone accessories. There are many shifts on the assembly line. During the period of working in the factory, the accommodation fee is 70 yuan /month, which will be deducted from the salary. Each dormitory has an independent toilet. It takes about 8 minutes to ride from the factory to the dormitory, which is more convenient. The factory supplies hot water and drinking water, the base salary is 1820 yuan, the meal allowance is 280 yuan /month, and the monthly income is 4000 +

 4. Suzhou BenQ materials 

 it is located in Suzhou Industrial Park, with a general worker's salary of 2300. It is generally required to wear dust-proof clothes at work, with strict requirements, and pay attention to health at work

 5, "Sida" company (Youda optoelectronics, Dayun textile, Dafang electronics, Jiashida Electronics) 

 located in Suzhou high tech Zone, there are electronic manufacturing and textile industries, with a general wage of 2500, assembly line work, two shifts, relatively boring and general management

8 more

heavy machinery factory
Suzhou Industrial Park has a good development direction!

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