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What is the manufacturing process of cosmetic packaging box?

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materials: generally, they are made of cheap materials with good printing effect and suitable for the packaged goods. Some use yellow board paper, kraft paper, cardboard, whiteboard paper, etc. as the printing materials. For those with high requirements, they can be mounted with high-grade papers such as copper plate line. The printing ink should also be light resistant, wear-resistant, oil resistant, drug resistant and non-toxic according to the packaged items. Plate making and printing: letterpress, lithography, photographic intaglio and flexographic printing are adopted. At present, lithographic printing is the main method. Relief printing can obtain finished products with good printing effect, bright color and good luster, but the plate making process is complicated and not as simple as lithographic printing. Spray powder in the printing process to prevent the back from sticking dirty. Surface processing: polyethylene coating, surface film pasting, wax coating, foil pressing, embossing and other processes can be carried out as required, but not all products need surface processing. Die cutting and creasing. Box making: use the box making machine to fold it into a carton shape for the next process. Corrugated boxes are generally printed by flexographic printing, and at the same time, they are pressed, glued or bound with iron wire to make them into the shape of a box. Generally, they are folded and rotated in a plane, and opened into a box shape when in use


in the carton packaging industry, cosmetic packaging box is the most common color box packaging, and it is also the main business source of many printing and packaging factories. Due to the rapid development of cosmetic carton packaging in recent years, many printing factories that used to focus on culture and Book printing have also changed to color box packaging. Cosmetic packaging boxes will face consumers who directly love beauty. The beauty of a packaging box’s design and printing production will affect the sales of cosmetic products, so it is quite rigorous in the printing and production process of cosmetic packaging boxes. Compared with other cartons, the packaging requirements of cosmetic packaging boxes will be slightly stricter, and the effect of surface treatment process will be a little more. The general process includes design, printing, surface coating, bronzing or UV, die cutting, molding, bonding and other processes, which are determined according to the customer’s requirements and the nature of the packaging box


cosmetics are owned by almost every girl. It can be said that cosmetics are also a product with good sales. Young mm should not only buy cosmetics with good quality, but also the beautiful appearance of the packaging box when selecting them. Therefore, merchants will not only choose cosmetics with good quality, but also pay great attention to the printing of the packaging box of cosmetics. Of course, sometimes some printing manufacturers are blind when making cosmetic packaging boxes. They don’t know how to do it. They often don’t know how to make the packaging box with cosmetic bottles in their hands, or how to do it to achieve the ideal effect. In order to help you better, let’s briefly introduce the customization process and precautions of cosmetic packaging boxes today, hoping to help you. First of all, we need to determine the box type and material. At the beginning, we need to determine what box type packaging box to use. If conditions permit, the structural engineer can also develop a new structure

the material is divided into two parts: the material used for structure and the material used for decoration. The materials used for structure are generally gray board, density board, electronic fiberboard, etc. these materials are commonly used with moderate soft and hard gray board. The density board is generally used for high-end products. The density board is hard and not easy to deform. The electronic fiberboard will not be affected by moisture and the environment. Decorative materials generally use paper, and those that need to print color patterns generally use copper sheet paper to make face paper. Special paper can also be used for decoration. Different paper can be selected for different surface printing and surface treatment. Decorative materials can also be made of leather, which can highlight the high-end and luxury of the product. Then start to design documents, and design the knife mold drawing according to the required size. After designing the knife mold drawing, confirm whether it is color printing or hot stamping or silk screen printing according to the selected material. Copper plate paper and some special paper can print colored and patterned paper, which is generally hot stamping, gold stamping or silver stamping. Leather is generally hot pressed or silk screen printing or hot stamping

the next step is proofing. We need to see the finished product after proofing. We can’t directly make the finished product, because there are sometimes errors between the design document displayed on the computer and the physical object in hand, so we need to proofing before making. After the template comes out, we can find the shortcomings of the design according to the template to improve and optimize it, so as to achieve the most ideal state. After the template is confirmed, we can proceed to the next process. After the template is determined, the production is to make the template in batch. However, some problems need to be paid attention to in production. The process on the template cannot be reflected through proofing, and then the process needs to be made. Special attention must be paid in production. There can be no case that the desired process is not made, because many processes are not easy to be made during proofing or require great cost, Therefore, this process is not used for proofing. In mass production, we need to pay attention to the quality of cosmetic packaging boxes to meet the requirements, good consistency and good control of delivery time. It can be said that this is a very key point. The last is delivery and after-sales service. After the production is completed and delivered to the customer, after the customer passes the acceptance, the after-sales service needs to be done well, and the problems fed back by the customer need to be handled in time


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