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What is the new trend of packaging design?

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1. Environmental protection packaging design

environmental protection packaging design is a design scheme consciousness that adheres to the harmony and unity of human and environment. It pays attention to let nature take its course and go into nature, so that all packaging can complete the acquisition and reuse of resources in the process of application. If the pure natural packaging design is adopted, the raw materials used must be environmentally friendly

2. Interesting packaging design

interesting packaging can attract customers’ attention, form psychological resonance points with customers and bring happy experience to customers with its unique and novel design methods and design ideas. In the challenging development of product packaging design, designers should combine the essence of the product with external relevant elements to present the product characteristics in different packaging methods, so as to reasonably attract the attention of customers

3. Series packaging design

at present, serialization has become a popular way of international product packaging design. Serial packaging design is conducive to the development trend of excellent product varieties. Facilitate plate making, packaging and printing, reasonably reduce the complicated design concepts in the middle and late stage of printing plate making, and make the product brand image more prominent, comprehensive and unified. So as to achieve a strong visual effect and strong brand image, which not only attracts the attention of customers, but also reasonably shapes the corporate image and expands the popularity

4. Emotional packaging design

includes the humanization of packaging text. Copywriting is the symbol of recording language and an important means of information dissemination. A classic copy can effectively play a role in communication. For example, the packaging of related products such as tobacco, wine and tea combines the traditional calligraphy art with the elements of ink painting

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