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What is the workflow of the automatic stretch film packaging machine?

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if it is a full-automatic stretching film packaging machine for soft film, the general process is: bottom film feeding – forming – filling – sealing – covering film – cross cutting knife – longitudinal cutting knife

the upper and lower roll films are used to form a volume space suitable for the size of the product through the setting mold. The material is discharged manually and sealed automatically. After cutting, the finished product is packaged. (for reference only)

the packaging film used by the equipment is divided into lower film and upper film
the thickness of the lower film is generally more than 100um, and the thickness of the upper film is generally about 80um
equipment workflow:
1. Preheating and stretching of the lower film: the lower film is heated to about 90 degrees, and air is blown on the top of the mold to stretch and deform the lower film, which is covered on the mold to form a preset stretching shape
2. Filling product: fill the product into the formed film
3. Vacuum and heat seal the upper and lower membranes together: through the operation of the equipment, transfer the lower membrane and upper membrane containing the product to the vacuum chamber together, close the vacuum chamber and vacuum for 10-15 seconds; After vacuumizing, heat seal for about 125 degrees for 2 seconds; Exhaust
4. Conveying and cutting

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